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How To Prepare Delicious Vegetable Soups That You Can Add To Your Weight Loss Diet

  • Posted on January 6, 2018 at 3:20 pm

By Walter K Smith

Vegetables are healthy high fibre foods that are useful in aiding weight loss; their low glycaemic index means that their consumption does not lead to sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.

In this article we are going to be looking at different vegetable soups that you can prepare and eat to help you to lose weight:

1-Zuchinni spring onion soup

You can make this delicious soup with zuchinnis which are also known as courgettes, and spring onions.

You will need the following ingredients to prepare this soup:

3 zuchinnis

5 spring onions

About 42 grams of butter

About 28 grams of flour

One and three quarter pints of chicken meat stock without the skin.

One pinch of mace with sugar

One tablespoon of parsley

One tablespoon of chopped dill

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Two egg yolks to provide protein and other essential vitamins to add to the soup.

One quarter pint of double cream to add calcium to the soup.

-Peel and chop the three zuchinnis.

-Put the onions in a pot; add butter and boil the onions mixed with the butter for 5 minutes using fire of low intensity.

-Then add cucumbers to the lightly cooked zuchinnis.

-After this add stock, herbs and flour to the boiled zuchinnis; allow this mixture to simmer on low heat for a minimum of 15 minutes.

-Mix the soup very well and pour it into a pan after which you now add the egg yolks and cream. Stir the soup vigorously until it is thoroughly mixed.

-Allow the soup to heat without really boiling for some few minutes before you serve it.

2-French beans soup

This European soup is a delicious soup that is very easy to make. You will need the following ingredients to make this vegetable soup:

453.5 grams of green peas (one pound)

28 grams of flour

One medium sized onion

One clove of garlic

One teaspoon of thyme

One and a half to one three quarter pints of stock

-Mix the onions and garlic with butter in a pan and put the pan on fire to allow the onions and garlic to cook for 5 minutes.

-After cooking for 5 minutes, add the flour and mix this combination very well.

-Once the mixture is well blended add the salt, pepper and stock, and allow everything to boil for a while.

-Cut off the hard parts at the ends of the green beans before you add them to this mixture in the pot.

-Spice up the blend with thyme and allow it to cook for a minimum of 25 minutes before you serve it.

3-Cabbage soup

Cabbage is a high fibre food that does not contain much calories. This great cabbage soup is very good recipe for losing weight. You will need the following ingredients to make this soup:

340 grams of green cabbage

One big onion

Two leeks

Two carrots

Two bacon rashes

One potato

One tablespoon of flour

One and a half pints of stock

Dill, parsley and nutmeg

-Boil cabbage for 5 minutes before you drain it.

-Cook all the remaining ingredients for four minutes and then mix this with the cabbage and stock.

-Allow the resultant mixture to simmer on low intensity fire for a minimum of 25 minutes after which you allow it to cool down before you serve it.

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