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Introducing The G700 Led Flashlight: More Powerful Than Ever}

  • Posted on October 6, 2017 at 3:34 pm

Submitted by: Robert Mishovski

A brand new G700 flashlight is about to hit the markets in 2016 and this time it’s going to be big. First, because of the new type of LED chips used in these new version and second for the entirely new waterproof body.

The new LED concept in the G700 makes it almost 7 times more powerful than the old one with additional 2,000 extra lumens of power. Power and brightness and not the only factors that make the G700 so revolutionary, instead the most advance feature is the optical lens which increases the distance of the light ray by 20 times.

Other new features include the modes that let you control the distance of the light and the shape of it. If you hated the circular bean and you were looking for a spotlight type of light than the G700 led will do the job for you.

Many people wonder why the price of this flashlight is so high considering there are cheaper versions available on Amazon. The main reason behind this is the fact that most of those cheap versions on Amazon use an old LED concept with LED bulbs on it. If you try testing the cheap versions from Amazon with the official version available on TheG700Flashlight you will notice the difference yourself.

The technology behind the original G700 LED uses special chips that light an entire surface and then the light gets directed into a complex optical lens that makes the light controllable.

The new optical lens in the G700 Tactical Flashlight can shrink the light to a laser level and spread it wide. This can be very practical for night hiking since this features allow you to see a wider area of your road. The regular flashlights on the other side can light up only a certain spot of their road and their distance potential is very limited.

As a mentioned above, the G700 has 5 modes in total. One for continuous light, one for strobe light, one for making SOS signals. There are 2 power modes available; medium and full power. Both modes use a very little battery power.

The rechargeable option on the G700 makes it very cost effective since you never have to buy new batteries to make it work. One of the problems that people have with flashlights is replacing the expensive batteries to make it work only for few hours.

The new LED technology uses only 4 watts to power the ultra-powerful light and it can last for more than 72 hours without ever being turned off. If you use the flashlight to travel at night you can complete your entire road without the need for a battery replacement or a recharge.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope Ive giving you useful info on the G700. If you are interested to learn more about the Lumitact G700 tactical flashlight you can visit the official website listed below were you can read all technical specs and watch some of the tests that they’ve performed.

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