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Seniors Financial Planning Calls For Common Sense

  • Posted on May 20, 2018 at 1:24 am

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By Raymond Angus

Seniors financial planning is not some arcane philosophy. One doesn’t require a lot of schooling and sacrifice to practice it! All that’s required is a robust measure of common sense.

If you’re a senior, you’ve already got a good measure of common sense, The years you’ve spent living and coping with the travails of life have rewarded you with considerable experience.

In plain terms, my friend, you’re no interplanetary visitor that just landed in an alien space vehicle!

Whatever financial assets you possess, you’ve earned and harbored them yourself most of your adult life. If you’re a thousandaire or millionaire, you, yourself, are the best financial planner you could hire.

Oh, you say! I’m just a senior, I don’t know the first thing about the stock market, certificates of deposit, compounded interest, financial aid or deferred earnings.

Okay! Then learn about them. You’re reading this on your computer right now. Use the machine to expand your knowledge.

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Select a single topic at a time and spend an entire week, one hour each day, looking it up on your computer with all of its side avenues

Do you know what’s going to happen? You’re going to find out this stuff is really interesting. What’s more, you’re going to realize that once you get into it, all of it is easily understandable!

None of this is to say that retaining a financial planning consultant is not the way a senior should go.

Common sense tells you it is! A professional will be up to date on shifts in the markets, internal revenue changes, pending legislation and interest rate trends.

But your homework will get you up to speed, and provide you with several powerful advantages.

1.When you interview a potential financial planning consultant, you won’t have to ask him, or her, what on earth they’re talking about.

2.You’ll have a handle on just how much of your assets you can comfortably invest with little risk involved.

3.You’ll understand how much cash you will need on an ongoing schedule for recurring debts.

A professional financial planning advisor is definitely a solid plus for any senior.. But by your taking the time to enlarge your understanding of money matters through research puts you way out front.

You will know how to assess each individual’s competence.

There are a lot of sharks and pirates out in the financial world. Lay the groundwork if you are anticipating needing a consultant in the future. Common sense will tell you to learn what you are going to require of one.

There’s a saying that if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duckthen it must be a duck! Aside from ducks, it most certainly isn’t true where money is concerned.

As a senior, you worked hard for your financial assets, learn how to keep them and make them grow. Understand how to make them increase, even if you can’t do the technical work yourself.

Don’t hesitate to demand, and I mean demand, to examine the credentials of anyone purporting to be a financial planning consultant. Take the time to study and investigate references of past clients and degrees.

A farmer once wrote that any good farmer should warm his hands in front of the fire on a frigid winter morning, before he goes into the barn to milk the cows.

The cows, out of gratitude for the warm hands, will then reward him with more milk, and richer cream. A little preparation goes a long way, it’s just common sense.

A senior who does his homework will realize higher yields from financial planning, and a whole lot more monetary cream!

About the Author: Raymond Angus is a widely read author of articles and books. He writes about fellow seniors and their world. To read more of his writing visit:


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The Easy Way To Build A Good Credit Score

  • Posted on April 30, 2018 at 1:26 am

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By Stu Pearson

If you want to have a good credit score, you need to be very decisive and flexible at all times. Although there are some people who have large credit lines, this does not mean that they can always handle their debts properly, resulting in bad credit.

If you’re applying for credit, be sure that the consumer reporting company who processes the application uses accurate information in your credit report. If there are any disputes, you must be sure to ask them to include copies of the documents that can support your position.

With regard to providing complete information like your name and address, you must clearly state in your letter the identification of each item in your report that you dispute. You must state the facts and explain why you have disputed the information. You must request that the information should be corrected or deleted.

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You can also enclose a copy of your report along with the items in question. You can send your letter through a certified mail and you should keep the return receipt that is requested so you can document what the consumer reporting company has received from you, and when it was sent. It is important that you keep the copies of your dispute letter with the enclosures.

The consumer reporting companies should investigate the items in the question, this usually takes no more than 30 days unless the company considers your dispute frivolous. If you make a request, the consumer reporting company should send notices of some corrections to anyone who has received the report in the past six months.

You must tell the creditor or the one who provided the information that you are disputing an item. Make sure that you include copies of documents that give support to your position. Many of the providers specify an address for disagreements. If your provider makes a report about the item to the consumer reporting company, the report should include a notice of your dispute. In this case, if you are correct and the information has been proven to be inaccurate, the information provider will not report it again.

Your credit report will not actually echo all your credit accounts, even if most of the department stores and bank credit card accounts are included in your file, some are not. Some that are not included are those from the local retailers, gasoline card companies and credit unions.

If you are planning to start your own credit line, make sure that you are familiar with the credit score tips and ways to build your credit score. It might not be easy to build and keep good credit, but if you know how to watch and take care of your credit line, you will find out that you can keep your shopping worry-free.

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How To Use A Professional Organizer To Help Your Business

  • Posted on March 14, 2018 at 2:46 am

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By Van Theodorou

A professional organizer can help both individuals and businesses become more productive by becoming better organized. The professional organizer will give you tips and tricks that they have used in the past to help people regain organization.

The professional organizer has plenty to offer the small business. First and foremost is the basic design of the office area. The organizer will help to locate the best spaces to put desks and cubicles for maximum efficiency. Planners are familiar with the latest in desk designs as well as desk accessories that can help to create a proficient work environment.

Many things that the ordinary small business owner would not think of are often part of the list of functions that the professional organizer performs. For example, the color of the walls, carpet and fixtures are all important considerations in planning the best office. Some colors create a better work atmosphere than other colors do.

The professional organizer will also help to determine the most efficient use of existing space. Many times the small business owner has not planned properly and has allowed disorganization to take over. The organizer can help find the best storage solutions as well as set up organized areas to help create an organized and efficient office space.

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A professionally organized office is particularly important when clients are involved. When the office is a place where you meet with clients it is important that the space be kept extremely organized. Organized closets, even at work, can help to keep the office looking good and running well.

There are other important factors that may be overlooked when designing an office space for your small business. One such area is communications. Take into account the type of communications system you need for your office. Think about the types of calls that will be both made and received. Allow for speaker phones in conference rooms so that meetings can be held effortlessly. Allow an area for visiting clients or employees to use where they can leave their briefcases as well as make important phone calls.

The communication plan should also include a well-designed calling plan. Small and medium sized companies may benefit by using a T1 service for long distance or a T1 internet connection. Be sure that the wiring in the offices and desk areas is sufficient to run both a computer and telephone.

Common areas should be designed for specific uses. For example, a copy room should have copy and fax machines as well as house the paper and other supplies needed to use them. A good work surface or counter in these areas helps employees stay organized when they use these services. This helps them save time.

Other ways the professional organizer can help is by giving you methods to stay organized. While it’s one thing to start out organized most people and businesses don’t stay that way for too long. What helps is when the organizer puts specific methods in place to help keep things organized. This can mean the difference between an office that gets messy and one that stays organized.

The well-organized office should account for things such as recycling, paper distribution, refuse and supply storage. Special locking cabinets should be in place to house important supplies or equipment such as spare computers. Organized closets with shelving helps to maintain an uncluttered work area.

The professional organizer can be well-worth his or her costs. The improved work environment makes for an enhanced work experience – one where the employees are both happy and efficient.

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