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What Three Factors Can Influence The Cost Of Website Development}

  • Posted on January 13, 2018 at 2:47 am

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Submitted by: Ishita Arora

Websites which developed are not all equal, having different features, different technology and serves various purposes, therefore, their costing are also varied according to the complexity and functionality of a particular design.

Web communities are always a concern with the going rate for web development costs and some of the best website development company is always up front about costing and will not charge much from the clients based on their income.

Cost is something which matters but the quality is the prime choice of any client; a website should be designed perfectly so that it can easily update by you in future and your quality will be maintained at an affordable cost.

If you need to make a website then dont go for an amateur developer, just invest little more and hire a best website development company which deliver all its experience and quality with each hour spent on making your website.

With the latest upcoming trend in website technology, companies have to update themselves accordingly as the latest demand is a responsive website which looks great on all devices, and every developer have to make sites mobile-friendly as per client demand and even Google has also included this mobile friendly feature to its new ranking factor list. So, that website should be made responsive and help in growing your business by driving more traffic to your site.

How much your website design cost? Is it fixed or hourly price?

As you are ready for making your website, there are few things that trouble you at the beginning and at the end too i.e. price and quality. Cost of the developing website will vary depending on the features added by an individual:-

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1. Hire a website developer:

A basic website design is created in the $1000-$3500 range. This website may not be an e-commerce website or would not enable you to update the web pages and content by yourself.

If you are ready to invest more you will probably get help in marketing your business, proper maintenance and made responsive using latest standards. For every website, the web analytics are provided to track your web success.

When you choose the right developer, right services, right technology from the start, you will be on your right way to developing a successful website. Few things are there on which you should not compromise for price:-

Domain Name

Web hosting company

Maintenance Plan

It is something you need to focus, before hiring the best website developing company. Unfortunately, costing your project with an exact budget is difficult until you describe your requirement to the particular website developer.

2. Fixed or Hourly price:

Projects are generally charged on an hourly basis or fixed price. Clients are more comfortable to pay a fixed amount for project work so that before proceeding with their project they know the full cost in advance.

But, this fixed price solution is mostly not preferable by a web developer; they find hourly basis price a better practical solution if the project is for a long term. If the client is paying an hourly fee of $30 or a fixed price of $1500, a website designer can earn an extra hour income, if the work is completed 10 hours before the expected time allotted. So, this may benefit a developer and you can gain more of this experience in freelancing.

However, you are not known with the challenges that you may face in designing before starting working on that. That is why cost may vary according to the time taken to fix the problem. It is favorable for both client and a developer to agree on a fixed price basis if any problem would interrupt then it would be an extra amount.

3. Know the Market Price:

Knowing the market price for website design work is needed and helps you in choosing the right procedure to raise your brand market value and target your audience for your business.

If you are starting out your business, you have to drop your products price initially in order to place your name on top in the market.

As demand for your business grows, your revenue will automatically increase and then you have to do promotions for your brand to attract more people and then your heavy investment will pay you back i.e. high return of investment.


If you are looking for a company before hiring and taking its entire past client reviews into consideration then why not you consider the cost. Web designers are no doubted putting all their efforts in making your website attractive but they will definitely demand a good amount in return and that would be hard to digest for a client.

If you are running your business on a large scale then dont compromise with cost if the question is of presenting your business brand to people.

About the Author: Ishita Arora has over 3 years Website Designing and Development experience & Digital Marketing expert at Sankalp Technology. We provide high quality services in Ecommerce, web hosting, design and development Marketing etc. For more info Visit Our Website:-


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