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Some Basic And Benefits Of Private Cloud Computing

  • Posted on August 14, 2018 at 3:21 pm

Some basic and benefits of private cloud computing



At present, a trend has started whereby many organizations are offering their various services to the cloud service providers. While it can t be denied that there are several benefits related to using such services, many larger organizations can actually find it advantageous if they decide to switch over to dedicated cloud computing.

To begin with, it is important to know what a private cloud is. It can be defined as a network that works with the same basic infrastructure as a public cloud but is intended solely for an organization s private use. This type of cloud computing typically relies on virtualization and treats hardware as essential pool of resources which can be allocated to a range of functions.

Some have this idea that setting up a

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private cloud

infrastructure demands lots of initial investment. Some even suggest that these types of cloud computing should be avoided because of several complications related to its proper set up and ongoing maintenance. Some feel that all these procedures involve lots of additional expenses.

In spite of all these, there are several benefits a private cloud offers which you just can t ignore. If you consider improved performance and flexibility, dedicated cloud computing no doubt ranks higher than the public cloud environment.

By hosting data and applications in a personal cloud environment, you can get total control over your data and applications and the underlying infrastructure. All these will no doubt remain secure with your dedicated cloud environment. Further, you can access data immediately whenever you want. Since cloud computing doesn t depend on a specific vendor service, you can host and access applications as per own will. Suppose, after a year or so, an advanced application comes up which can really benefit your organization. Then you can easily migrate to the new one without having the cloud provider trying to prevent you from doing so. On the other hand, hosting applications in a public cloud can often lead to a specific vendor lock. Even if you want to change the vendor after a year or so, cloud providers will make it expensive and difficult for you to effortlessly move your data or to switch applications to a different one. With dedicated cloud computing, you are unlikely to face such hurdles.

Data intensive applications can perform much better in a dedicated cloud environment where these applications don t get restricted by Internet connection speeds. So, when you are working with huge volume of data then the public cloud setup may fail to deliver in comparison to the dedicated infrastructure. Another main advantage of using a private cloud is that it can offer you higher flexibility regarding customization of your applications. These types of modifications are not allowed in a public cloud environment.

Nowadays, many manufacturers have come up with highly advanced personal cloud solutions which can be afforded by small or large organizations. These offer total security, easy accessibility and many other features. Let us consider you have a small office located at a specific address. However, you need to access your clients all around the world for business expansion purpose or for regular communication. This can be achieved with a dedicated cloud computing environment. It allows easy connection between network enabled devices to other gadgets like your computer, laptop, iPhone or iPad. The only thing you need is a good internet connection to connect to clients or employees at any and every location. While the setting up of the environment may demand an initial investment, you can remain tension free once the computing environment starts to deliver.

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