Mercedes S600 Armored Car Courtesy Of Inkas And Ren Ntech}

  • Posted on April 27, 2018 at 1:19 am

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Mercedes S600 Armored Car Courtesy of INKAS and RENNtech


Evander Klum

RENNtecchs S600 armored vehicle delivers six hundred forty horsepower. Such power is enough to put this car on the watch list of street police but if your name is Chris Pecalevski then its another story.

Chris Pecalevski is the Director of Business Development at INKAS Armored, a company popular for building vehicles which are safe and as secure as bank vaults—which is also one of their expertises. According to Pecalevski, “We’re in the business of protecting our clients. And that means we have to be ready for anything.”

INKAS has started building armored vehicles way back in the year 1993. The unique materials that the company used such as unique type of alloys and the systematic approach that the company employ to threat assessment has earned them an impressive list of clients that include celebrities, politicians, high-profile executives, entertainers, European banks, and even the US and Canadian militaries. The list of clients didnt stop there; INKAS has also provided private individuals with their total solution security approach.

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The remarkable thing about INKAS armored vehicles is the fact that they tend to become totally invisible although not literally but more of their ability to blend. But still according to INKAS sometimes the best way to win some fights is to walk away or in the case of vehicles get away.

RENNtech took INKAS S600 and boost up the brakes by utilizing RENNtechs 15.2 two-piece front and 14 rear brake package plus adding some stainless steel-braided brake lines to enhance feel and reduce fade. Under the bonnet is the RENNtechs ECU software, carbon-fiber airbox, and an intercooler pump upgrades to keep the temperature cool and the turbos on boil that produces the 640 hp and over 775 lb-ft of torque.

INKAS on its part added level NIJ Level IV armoring capable of taking close range Armor Piercing bullet fire, run-flat performance tires, proprietary armored panels, and ballistic glass compounds which were tested by authorized test labs. The result as expected was impressive and almost invisible. Pecalevski said, “You can not tell if you are looking at the vehicle from the outside, its when you open the doors you see the professionally finished INKAS Overlap System, but you’d have to really be looking. From ten feet, five feet and two feet away, it’s just another Benz – if you could ever really say that about a Mercedes.” This effect was achieved since there was no distortion in the glass, plus there was also none of the Mister Magoo magnification of the other armored vehicles.

That kind of invisibility is very important. Many of the INKAS customers are not celebrities or dictators but are mostly executives who just want to make it home to their families safe and alive. Truth of the matter is that in big parts of the world like South America, Europe, the Middle East, and even in US and Canada kidnapping has become a big problem. In fact there is now what you call kidnapping insurance, if you are interested just try to ask your agent.

Armor car protection does not only pertain to one level but involves different levels starting from the lighter street crime packages that protect against handguns and small arms, to AK-47,and level IV that protects against Armor Piercing bullets treatment that was given to Mercedes S600. In addition the car part accessories that were equipped in the RENNtech Mercedes S600 armored car have also undergone the same strict protection tests as the rest of other components. And of course for security reasons the performance figures are not being announced but Fehly guaranteed, “It won’t be very easy to catch.”

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Mercedes S600 Armored Car Courtesy of INKAS and RENNtech}

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