Staying Connected In The Field

  • Posted on June 13, 2018 at 3:16 pm


A wide number of industries may take their employees into harsh conditions. This may include the military, oil workers, park rangers, and even some factories. While there are an number of protective equipment a worker can wear, their tools and portable devices can fall victim to a lot of abuse as well. Lesser quality items may not always withstand the trip, which can result in lost data that can make or break a company or project. When you need to rely on technology to perform properly in harsh conditions, be sure to invest in rugged portable computer systems only. These devices are specifically made to hold up in a wide range of conditions and deliver the data you need when you need it.

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High Heat and Dirty Conditions

Consumer electronics are not made to withstand harsh conditions, high heat, humidity, thumps and bumps, or much abuse. However, with many industrial and military applications, this is the norm. Rugged portable computer systems are made with this abuse in mind, and each device is crafted to withstand thumps and bumps, as well as being able to work at higher operating temperatures. Light duty home computer systems, laptops and tablets are not very good with the heat and many will fail or become extremely sluggish. When you want the data at your fingertips immediately, a rugged unit is a must. Dust can be one of the biggest downfalls for computer units. With their intake fans used to keep internal components cool, airborne particles can be sucked in and cause problems for the entire unit. With rugged systems, you may be able to find a fanless unit that is enclosed and perfect for use in high dust applications.

Stop Replacing Common Units

While it may seem like a money saver to begin with, purchasing a lower end unit may work fine for a while, but once you start really putting it through its paces you will soon find it needs replaced quickly. This will add up in cost and eventually surpass the price of a rugged portable computer system. For industries, military groups, and others who may be planning on using their computers in outdoor, dirty, hot or high moisture areas you will save more money in the long run by purchasing the rugged unit at the start. Consumer devices just won’t offer the same benefits you are searching for.

Don’t waste your time with low end consumer devices; turn to the rugged portable computer systems offered by PanelPCPro for all of your heavy duty industrial or military needs.

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