Why Hire A Tree Service For Stump Removal?

  • Posted on March 23, 2018 at 2:39 am

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byAlma Abell

When a tree is diseased, damaged, or dangerous to either inhabitants or structures on the property, there is no choice but to cut it down. Unfortunately, cutting down the tree only deals with part of the problem. The dead tree, including its branches and brush, must be removed, and even then there is still an unsightly stump to worry about.

Stump Removal is no easy task, particularly for those who are not experienced in the field of tree services and do not have the right equipment. As a result, property owners often leave old stumps in the field to rot, which can provide a perfect environment for insect pests such as termites, hornets, and wasps to nest. Although removing an old stump is problematic, it is much safer for inhabitants and better for the property’s curb appeal to do so as quickly as possible after the tree is taken down.

Hiring a professional tree service for Stump Removal takes the problems and the guesswork out of the job. Professionals have the chainsaws, grinders, and other equipment required to safely remove stumps of any size. Although an enthusiastic home gardener can purchase, or in some cases rent, this equipment himself, most choose not to. Not only does safely removing stumps require both equipment and the knowledge of how to use it, it also requires a good deal of time and energy.

For those who are considering attempting the job themselves, it’s still important to recognize when it makes sense to rent the tools and go through the hassle and when it is a better idea to call in a pro. If the tree is small and the property owner has experience using stump grinders, chainsaws, and hand tools, they may be able to remove it without too much difficulty. However, how difficult it is to remove a stump depends not just on the size of the tree trunk but also on how extensive the root network is. If the roots have grown deep into the soil, or the soil is particularly hard to work, it can take a great deal of time to cut them out. When the job turns out to be harder than expected, call a company like Timberline Tree Service to get professional help.

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