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How To Have Amazing Event Celebrations At Nassau Coliseum

  • Posted on March 8, 2018 at 3:08 am

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How to Have Amazing Event Celebrations at Nassau Coliseum by Delux TransportationA Little HistoryNassau Coliseum is formerly known as the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and occupied a 63-acre site that was formerly the army and air force base at Mitchel Field. With over 44,000 square feet in the main arena and another 60,000 in the Expo Centre, the venue hosts exhibitions as well as shows and is often used for trade events.From 1972 until 2015, the venue was also the home of the New York Islanders of the National Hockey League (NHL) as well as the New York Nets American Basketball Association. Both teams now play at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn.Renovation ProjectThe Nassau Coliseum was closed from 2015 until April 2017 for a massive renovation project that saw the overall space reduced a little, but new facilities including theatres and sports bars being added to the complex. The venues last show was by Billy Joel who also performed last at Shea Stadium before it was demolished in 2008.Therefore, it was fitting that it was again Billy Joel that performed first on the re-opening of the Coliseum after the renovation work. The first show was on April 5th, 2017. In June, the New York Islanders also played a pre-season game against the Philadelphia Flyers at the Coliseum, the first time there since it closed for the project.Travelling to Nassau ColiseumThe Coliseum is located 19 miles east of New York City in the Long Island borough. Reaching the Coliseum can be a little tricky you can do it on public transport but it involves travelling by train to Hempstead station, walking one block to the Hempstead bus terminal then taking one of three buses to the venue.Another option is to drive and park but there has been some controversy over the cost of parking, with people attending that opening night gig being charged $40 to park their vehicles. Fees may be somewhat lower for other types of events but the cost is higher than average. This is why many people visiting the venue have chosen to use Delux Worldwide Transportations Limo Service Long Island NY to arrive relaxed and in style.Whats On?Since its reopening, the Nassau Coliseum has seen some big-name gigs and the trend continues into September with arguably one of the biggest names in the music industry playing two nights at the venue Sir Paul McCartney.For younger fans, Bruno Mars is also playing one night in October and while there are a lot of great Sweet 16 Venues on Long Island, what young woman wouldnt want to celebrate the milestone at a concert?Disney on Ice has toured the world and is available on a number of dates in November at Nassau Coliseum while the famous Harlem Globetrotters will be showing their skills during shows in late December.Sports FansAs well as star-studded musical events and gigs, the Nassau Coliseum has some impressive sporting events lined up for sports fans. The New York Open will be held at the venue for the first time in February 2018 this is an event on the ATP World Tour 250 so you can expect some big-name players to be taking part.There is also an NBA preseason game coming up in early October between the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers to whet the appetite for the full season to come.Have an Amazing NightSince its renovation, the Nassau Coliseum has taken its place as one of the top new venues in New York for sports, arts and music events. Delux Worldwide Transportation can offer luxury limo service from any part of New York to the venue to remove all worries about using public transport and ensure you arrive in style.This is the syndicated copy of an original article posted at than forty years of providing top level, reliable and affordable ground transportation, has established Delux Transportation Services as a leader in the Greater New York area. We are able to service you with a wide range of transportation services.Article Source:

Led Signs And Banners. Indoor And Outdoor Signs, Indoor Writable Boards, Store Front Signs, Programm}

  • Posted on October 4, 2017 at 3:21 am

LED signs and Banners. Indoor and Outdoor signs, Indoor writable Boards, Store front signs, Programm


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There are two types of electricity conductors Good conductors and bad conductors. Good conductors are one which conducts electricity freely. They are made of all metals like iron, Copper, Aluminium and others. Bad conductors are like wood, Rubber and others. Then others are semiconductors and they are LED signs also called Light Emitting Diodes. These LED the full form is Light Emitting Diodes.

You visit at night Time Square and you will find the Grand display of LED signs. More than 1000 signs of different colors and sizes are fixed on the walls. They are in Solid state, Chasing, Flashing and Scrolling mode. They are all beautiful.

Electricity Consumption

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They are consuming 30% of electricity as compared to traditional lights consumption. This means you save 70% on your electricity bill. This will be so beneficial to those countries which have shortage of power in the country. You can supply power to twice the number of peoples from the same power.

Outdoor signs

You see any of store, Office, Hospital and Gyms. You will find outside any facility.

These are in different colors and sizes. They are Shiny and Acrylic and they can be viewed from a distance of 1000 feet. They can withstand any rough weather and are also shining in rain. They have become so popular that you will find all businesses with these signs. When you drive on highway at night and you see outside you will find two types of Gas stations one which are illuminated by traditional lights are looking dull and dark while the one with LED lights are looking shiny and clear.

Indoor Signs

These are inside the facility and stores. They are on tables, counters, and hanging on walls. They are also shiny and acrylic. They also come in Solid state, Chasing, Flashing and Scrolling modes. They can be viewed from 250 feet and they also come in many colors, sizes and texts. Some of them are writable that mean a pen is provided and you can write text as you are writing on a blackboard and after the purpose is done then you can wipe with water and it is ready for writing again.

Housing and Parking

All new housing complexes constructed are having LED lights and that is why they look brighter from distance. There roads are shiny and clear at night time. In New York all parking lots have changed to LED signs and that is why they look brighter than before. Street lights have changed to LED lights that has made city brighter and shiny at night.

Custom made signs

We also make signs by order. You can choose your own colors and sizes. You can also give your choice for programming and your choice for blinking and chasing. You can have everything you want only thing to remember is that it will take little extra time for delivery and will cost you little bit more than our normal charges.

Factories and Industries

All the factories and Industries have changed to LED lights that is saving lot of electricity and makes the work place much brighter and clear. This improves the efficiency and safety of workers. The atmosphere is lit up and enthusiasm increases.

Future of LED Lights

I foresee a future where the LED lights will be consuming less than 30% of electricity so it will give us more than 70% of saving in electricity bill. The light will be more brighter in future. Other progress will be on programming side that means more things will be programmed. There will be substantial decrease in the cost of the signs.

We sell LED signs and Banners. We also sell Indoor and Outdoor LED signs. We sell Store front and Open and Closed signs. We also sell Programmable signs which can be programmed with keyboard and to be deleted to reprogram the new message. We also sell Writable LED sign boards. These are write a message with a pen provided by us and then wipe with water to write a new message.

We have one color Red and Tricolor signs and all of them are in Solid state, Chasing, Flashing and Scrolling modes. They all save 70% of electricity bill.

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