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Commercial Bathroom Lavatory Systems For Hotel Restroom Design

By Patricia Holland

ADA compliance is the most important consideration in hotel design.

Persons from all walks of life will be visiting the hotel. Many of these people will be physically challenged in a variety of ways. Providing them with convenient access to facilities is both a legal requirement and the ethical thing to do.

Bradley commercial bathroom lavatory systems can be purchased that are manufactured as ADA and TAS compliant units. Concave and lower frequency lavatories can be configured with barrier-free clearances, reaches, and controls. There are a number of models, ranging from the basic to the very high end that will accommodate any type of hotel restroom design.

In matters of public service, a hotel restroom design must also focus on appealing to guests.


Guests never want to use commercial bathroom lavatory systems that appear dirty in any way. Superior materials must be used in the manufacture of these systems in order for them to accommodate the high expectations of clients.

Most of the newer fixtures are now being made from Terreon. Terreon is a highly attractive, highly vandal-resistant substance. On an aesthetic level, it shares some of the same qualities of high-grade polished stone. However, it is not stone. It is a high-grade solid surface material that can be ordered in any number of colors.

The basics commercial bathroom lavatory systems in hotel restroom design that we are all accustomed to include white, gray, and graphite, are still very popular. More luxury accommodations have more exotic color options to choose from, however. Peppered white, moonstone, lannonstone, and blue sky are just a few of these choices.

Terreon is also very durable. It is characterized by superior vandal resistance and is can be counted on to last for many years. Countertop and bowl designs are shaped to trap soap and water within the lavatory while it is being cleaned. This keeps water off the floor and keeps the restroom safer and cleaner as a result.

Terreon commercial bathroom lavatory systems are also nonporous. This makes them the most sanitary choice for hotel restroom design. Bacteria have a very difficult time growing on a surface that does not absorb water. This reduces the risk of pathogens spreading from one persons hands to another. There is also the issue of staining. People with very dirty hands can often stain sinks that are made from porous surface materials. This will not happen with Terreon sinks because liquid cannot penetrate the surface.

Water conservation is another major concern in hotel restroom design. With or without a conscious intention to pursue a LEED certification, a building must be proactive in the management of expenditures. Water resources are coming under increased scrutiny, and it is good for both a budget and for public relations to be as conservative in their use as possible.

Commercial bathroom lavatory systems can be ordered with infrared, no-touch faucets. These controls are another vandal resistant measure because they automatically shut the unit off after 30-45 seconds of flow. Most systems also regulate water flow to .5 GMP to meet guidelines of the Department of Energy Conservation.

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