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Simple Steps To Building A Solar Panel

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By Alyssa Davis

You can harness the sun’s power to produce your own energy using solar panels. And even though there are some incredibly sophisticated solar panel options on the market, you can also build a solar panel yourself and save big. Solar panel kits and instructions for building solar panels are widely available in local home improvement stores, as well as online, and you can use these kits to build a solar panel for much less expense than buying a pre-fabricated panel. You can also purchase guides for building the panels very inexpensively or find them at your local library. The supplies to build a solar panel run around $200, although that can be more or less depending on the area of the country that you live in.

Uses for Solar Panels

Before you begin your quest of building a solar panel, take some time to reflect on what you will actually be using the panel for. It is unlikely that you want to power your entire home with a solar panel. But keep in mind that everything that you can run from solar energy will end up saving you in the long run, and it will also allow the planet to breathe easier. Evaluate your home and property to be certain that you have an appropriate area to install solar panels. If your home is completely shaded, solar power will not be a great option unless there are some trees that can be trimmed away; if you are shaded by buildings then you may be out of luck. The roof is usually the best location for solar panels, and this will likely be true in your situation, unless your roof is not angled in a way that exposes it to the maximum amount of sunlight possible. In this instance, you may wish to install the panels in a location that is adjacent to the home and that is angled correctly to harness solar energy.


Selecting Kits or Instructions

Many folks prefer to buy a solar panel kit; this is particularly true if they have little or no experience with solar panel installation. There are also lots of companies that market DIY instructions and guides for installation that will make it a cinch to build and install your own panels easily and quickly, without buying a kit. Dependent upon your individual skill level, you may want to think about buying instructions that are packaged alongside a tutorial video that gives you step-by-step guidance in building your panels. You will find a wide range of price points when it comes to kits, guides, and instructions, as the quality of the instructions and the clarity of the guides is widely varied. Be certain to comparison shop before making a purchase. Doing research about solar panels and their construction and installation online, reading the reviews that other consumers have written, and visiting message boards to read comments from other consumers are all ideal ways to find the right

product for your needs.

Other Things to Consider

Another major consideration when examining the different kits and instructions on the market is to pay close attention to the finished look of the panels. You want to end up with a finished look that will add to, not detract from, the look of your home; you certainly do not wish to end up with a neighborhood eyesore on your roof. By doing careful research and following the directions that come with your product, you should be able to end up with panels that not only look good but that are valuable in reducing your energy consumption and monthly bills as well.

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