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The 5 Top Metals For Mens Wedding Bands

Submitted by: Jacki Voelker

As someone who sells men s wedding bands, I am often asked for suggestions on which metals are best, but it s hard to come up with an answer for that. Each person has a certain set of criteria that they use to determine which ring to buy. Some want hypoallergenic rings, others require a scratch-resistant ring, and still others will only wear precious metals. There is no magic formula for choosing mens wedding bands, but there are five metals that consistently rise to the top.

Yellow Gold and White Gold Probably the best known of all the precious metals, brilliant yellow and white gold is hard to beat for its natural shine and intrinsic value. Available in 10K, 14K and 18K, gold has long been the standard by which all other metals are measured. Gold prices have been rising steadily over the past few years, which have caused many people to consider less expensive metals, but others have started to buy more gold because they view it as a wise investment.

Platinum Best known for its bright white color and shine, platinum is the rarest of all precious metals, which means it is also the most expensive. It may not be selling quite as well it did during better economic times, but platinum is still regarded as the most exquisite of all jewelry metals. Instantly recognizable for its natural beauty; platinum looks best in a simple design with a polished finish. Because it is harder than gold, it won t wear down or scratch easily.


Tungsten carbide Men s wedding bands have recently grown to include a variety of contemporary and industrial metals, and one of the most popular of these is tungsten carbide. Originally used exclusively by industry, this dense and durable metal is widely considered the perfect metal for men s rings. Its density gives it a little more weight than your average gold or platinum ring, but it also makes tungsten the perfect metal for men s wedding bands. Slightly darker than precious metal jewelry, tungsten carbide is also available in deep black, as well as a bright white color that looks a lot like platinum.

Titanium Just as strong and indestructible as tungsten, titanium is a lightweight metal that lends itself well to mens wedding bands. Men who prefer to wear a ring that feels as light as a feather will often choose titanium because they know it is also the strongest jewelry metal available. Not quite as scratch-resistant as tungsten carbide, titanium rings maintain their shine well and require very little maintenance.

Sterling Silver When people picture silver rings, they rarely think of men s wedding bands, but a surprising number of ring collections are focusing on silver these days. This may be due to the rising price of gold and the growing competition from industrial metals, but it seems like silver rings for men are everywhere. Silver rings are worn in many different ways, from biker rings to Claddagh rings, shank rings and many attractive wedding rings. A purer and whiter version of silver called Argentium silver has started showing up in designer men s ring collections lately as well.

While these may be the top five metals for men s wedding bands, they are by no means the only materials available. Men are very excited about cobalt chrome, stainless steel, seranite and ceramic as well.

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