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Creator of G.I. Joe action figure to create a line of Bible-themed toys

  • Posted on July 8, 2018 at 1:28 am

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

According to the Christian Post, Don Levine, the creator of the G.I. Joe, will be creating a line of action figures based on characters from the Old Testament. Released this month are action figures of Samson, David, Noah, Moses, and dolls of Queen Esther and Deborah the Warrior. The toys come with their own Bible storybook. By the fall, the line will expand to 35 products. Levine has began developing a DVD series and television show.

While certainly not the first action figures, dolls, or animated programs based on Biblical characters, it is perhaps the first to launch with a full-fledged licensing program. Already a comic book, narrated CDs, wallet, flashing pins, dog tags, and necklaces have been released.

Levine created G.I. Joe for Mattel in 1963, after a licensing agent suggested soldier figures might have the same success as their Barbie line.

Creator of G.I. Joe action figure to create a line of Bible-themed toys

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Cypriot plane with 121 on board crashes in Greece

  • Posted on July 8, 2018 at 1:22 am

Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Helios airliner (Boeing 737, flight HCY 522) with 115 passengers and 6 crew onboard has crashed into a mountain at 09:04 UTC (12:04 p.m. EEST) near Grammatiko, 40 kilometres (25 miles) north of Athens, while approaching the capital’s airport. All on board perished. The plane was travelling from Larnaca, in the southeast of Cyprus (Greek:Kypros, ??????) and scheduled to arrive in Prague after a stop in Athens.

Immediately after take-off, the pilots reported a problem with the air conditioning system of the aircraft and requested to stay at a low altitude. A few minutes later, the pilots alerted the station that the problem had been fixed and requested permission to ascend. This information however has been denied by the Director of Helios Airways. As the plane approached Athens, all communication abruptly ceased, and the plane never issued a mayday distress signal. Two Greek F-16 military aircraft were assigned to observe the plane. The pilots of the F-16s noted that one airliner pilot appeared to be unconscious and the other was not in the cockpit.

CBC reported the following:

On Wednesday [August 17, 2005], state-run and private media, quoting anonymous defense ministry officials, said the two fighter pilots saw someone in the cockpit take control of the plane, which was flying in a gradually descending holding pattern apparently on autopilot. That person, probably a man who experts say must have had flight training, then banked the plane away from Athens, lowering it to 2,000 feet and then climbing back up to 7,000 feet before the plane apparently ran out of fuel and crashed.

The F-16s accompanied the airliner until it crashed.

The Greek F-16 pilots saw at least one of the aircraft’s pilots may have become unconscious before the crash, causing control of the plane to be lost. The emergency oxygen masks were also reported to have dropped.

There had been speculation that an electrical fire or some other cause could have flooded the cabin with carbon monoxide or another gas that would render the passengers unconscious. However, the chief coroner of Athens, Greece, said that tests showed none of the passengers or crew had carbon monoxide in their blood. It was also speculated that the air-supply system of the aircraft may have failed, causing a loss of air pressure within the cockpit. This malfunction can cause a steep drop in air temperature. On December 16, 2004 the same aircraft made an emergency landing after failure of the ventilation system at 35,000 feet and 3 passengers were hospitalized. However, an airline spokesman insisted that the plane was airworthy when it took off.

Tests showed that at least 26 people on the flight were still alive when it crashed.

After a cabin decompression occurred onboard a Learjet carrying golf pro Payne Stewart in 1999, all the travelers lost consciousness and the plane eventually crashed with no survivors.

Helios Airlines was unable to supply a complete passenger list, having only first initials and surnames available for investigators.

The official passenger list released by Cyprus Police, as reported by CNA, indicates that there were 22 young persons onboard aged 4-16. Most of the passengers were Cypriot, a small number were Greek and one of the pilots was German. There were 4 Armenian passengers who lived in Cyprus.

The complete list, in Greek, has been published by the Cyprus News Agency.

After the crash, a fire started around the airliner. It was extinguished by firefighters after 2 hours. The fire burned most of the bodies that are now being collected by special firefighter units and transferred to the city of Shisto, near Athens. Meanwhile, the two F-16 pilots were transferred to Ministry of Defense to give their report.

The flight data recorder has been recovered. The cockpit voice recorder was found the following morning in bad condition. The two devices will be sent to Paris for examination.

Nektarios-Sotirios Voutas [1][2] reported that a passenger (his cousin) sent a text message that read: “The pilot has turned blue [in the face]. [F]arewell we’re freezing”. He was arrested the following day as it appeared to be a hoax [3].

Helios has informed the relatives of the victims; however, the company has been met with criticism for failing to release the passenger list quickly.

Helios Airways released a statement on their website today, stating, “Our thoughts are with the families of those on board at this difficult time.”

An emergency telephone number in Nicosia, Cyprus can be contacted at +357/70003737, 22 – 446146.

The Cypriot government has declared three days of national mourning and ordered flags to be lowered on half-mast.

Upon allegations brought by the Communications and Works Minister and the chief of police, warrants were issued by the attorney general to search Helios Airways offices [4]

  • 09:00 (06:00 UTC) Scheduled departure time.
  • 09:07 (06:07 UTC) Airplane takes off from Larnaka airport.
  • 10:30 (07:30 UTC) Flight fails to establish contact with the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport
  • 10:37 (07:37 UTC) Last contact with Larnaka airport reporting problem.
  • 10:45 (07:45 UTC) Scheduled arrival time in Athens.
  • 10:55 (07:55 UTC) The Hellenic Armed Forces Joint Chief of Staff, Admiral Panagiotis Chinofotis orders military planes to establish visual contact with the aircraft.
  • 11:05 (08:05 UTC) Two F-16 fighter planes take off from Néa Anghialos Air Base, Greece.
  • 11:18 (08:18 UTC) Fighter pilots note co-pilot slumped over the aircraft’s instrument panel.
  • 12:04 (09:04 UTC) Aircraft crashes near Grammatiko.
  • 13:10 (11:10 UTC) Scheduled arrival time in Prague.

Cyprus and Greece are UTC+3, Czech Republic is UTC+2.

Helios Airways was founded in 1999 as Cyprus’ first private airline. It is now a subsidiary of Libra Holidays Group of Limassol, Cyprus and is registered in Cyprus. Helios’ remaining fleet consists of 2 Boeing 737-800 jets and an Airbus A319. Helios offers flights between Cyprus and London, Athens, Sofia, Warsaw, Dublin and Strasbourg.

Cypriot plane with 121 on board crashes in Greece

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Jack Diesing Sr., former chairman of the College World Series, dies age 92

  • Posted on July 8, 2018 at 1:21 am

Friday, April 2, 2010

Jack Diesing Sr., former chairman of the College World Series has died at the age of 92. His son announced the cause of death as complications from Parkinson’s disease. Diesing was chairman of the series from 1963 until 2002.

Diesing helped the tournament become one of the most successful college events in the United States. He became chairman in 1963 after his boss at Brandies department store died and passed on his duties to Diesing, one of which was the chairman role.

Before taking the role the series had only made a profit in five of its fourteen years. Under Diesing’s leadership the series never made a loss. During his time as chairman he also negotiated a long term contract with the NCAA and lengthened the series from 5 to 10 games.

Diesing’s son, Jack Diesing Jr., released a statement on his fathers death saying “My dad will be missed by a lot of people, but he won’t be forgotten”. He continued to say that his goals were to make “Omaha a better community” and to secure the “CWS to mantain its legacy”.

At the time of his death Diesing was still chairman emeritus of College World Series of Omaha Inc., a non-profit organization that helped with the coordination of the series.

Jack Diesing Sr., former chairman of the College World Series, dies age 92

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Debt Company To Assist Scottish Individuals Totally Free}

  • Posted on July 8, 2018 at 1:16 am

Debt company to assist Scottish individuals totally free


James John McCallum

On the subject of dealing with debt, there’s just one organization who’s been dealing with more cases than everyone else. Trust Deeds Scotland is the quickest escalating trust deed and debt management firm in Scotland and also have saved Scottish residents millions of pounds in repayments to creditors in the financial meltdown.

It has not been simple recently on several Scots who have bared the brunt in the slump with job losses, diminished working hours or reduced household income. Several have lost their properties, separated on account of stress or are merely racking up more debt every day with growing fees for non-payment and fines.

Utilizing Trust Deeds Scotland, Scottish homeowners have experienced a breath of fresh air when using the solution to write-off around 75percent of the debt while using legislation released in a Scottish Trust Deed. A Trust Deed is a government system intended to help Scots out of debt. All that’s required is the individual have over 6500 of consumer debt without any high equity in their home. Easily completed with the fall in property prices, and a lot of individuals in adverse equity. Even though you possess some equity in your residence, you continue to be able to keep it.

James McCallum of Trust Deed Scotland mentioned “Families are really worried about the existing economy plus the word is that it will eventually get worse well before it gets better. Our Trust Deed assistance are offered totally free, and then there aren’t any disguised . fees or sneaky percentages stripped away from your payment. All we do is take a small fee out of your collectors to set up your nominal payment, and the rest if history.”

Present research show that Scotland includes a higher rate of liquidation or sequestration than England for the reason that public sector has been hit the hardest with a lot of job losses. Young people being out of work remains high too, with numerous young adults out of work without any option to control their debt. Many have taken the straightforward way and have just reported bankruptcy. As Trust Deeds take hold the bankruptcy/sequestration have been going down and more and more Scots have got the Trust Deed route, allowing them more freedom with their finances following the recession and they could get back in work with the dreams of buying a property or taking financing for just a car.

Consider some of the advantages of a Trust Deed

A Trust Deed has numerous many benefits over other kinds of debt solutions. For instance, in comparison to an IVA a Trust Deed enables you to enter with merely 6500 of debt, whilst an IVA is 15,000. Through an IVA your credit profile will likely be damaged for about Three years, as opposed to a Trust Deed you’re liberated to apply for funds again as soon as your thirty six month settlement scheme comes to an end.

Can I lose my property within a Trust Deed?

Absolutely no, it’s not possible to lose your house when entering into a Trust Deed. Your house and assets are wholly protected for legal reasons. Any sort of attempt by debt collectors to frighten you in regardless is actually a crime.

Could it stop lenders for contacting me and mailing me letters?

Of course. When you enter a Protected Trust Deed your creditors can no longer make contact with you. All connection will have to be completed by a Trustee, who’ll handle your entire creditor contact instead of you.

As we leave this economic collapse, Trust Deed Scotland are not looking for praise. It’s simply delivering a need for the Scottish men and women that demand it most. Individuals cannot be blamed for what took place with the banking crisis. They shell out the dough that is certainly incorrect, but also in our case, simple fact is that it’s the banking companies who should pay. A Trust Deed is Scotlands way to get its own back and sending people back to financial normality.

James McCallum is a financial adviser for Scotland’s fastest growing debt solutions company. For more information on a

Trust Deed


Trust Deeds Scotland

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Debt company to assist Scottish individuals totally free}

Guantanamo inmate Murat Kurnaz transferred to Germany and released

  • Posted on July 8, 2018 at 1:02 am

Sunday, August 27, 2006

After being held for more than four years at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, German born Turkish citizen Murat Kurnaz was transferred to German custody by U.S. authorities on Thursday. An hour later, he was released.

Kurnaz was picked up in Pakistan in 2001 when riding a bus. He was first transferred to a prison camp in Afghanistan and then transferred to Guantanamo bay. He was designated an “enemy combatant” even after German law enforcement and US intelligence officials concluded that there was no information tying him to al-Qaeda or other terrorist activities.

Kurnaz’s lawyers have charged that Kurnaz was tortured while being held in Afghanistan and – to a lesser degree – while at Guantanamo Bay. Even on the flight back to Germany Kurnaz was shackled on hand and feet, tied to the ground and blindfolded.

Pentagon spokesman Chito Peppler said that the conditions for the prisoner transfer of Kurnaz to Germany included guarantees that Kurnaz be treated humanely by German authorities and that Germany take steps to ensure Kurnaz would not pose any threat to the world.

Guantanamo inmate Murat Kurnaz transferred to Germany and released

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