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Question &Amp; Answers On Oral Health For Senior Citizens

  • Posted on March 27, 2019 at 2:26 am

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Question & Answers on Oral Health for Senior Citizens



Q. Do I still need to get regular checkups if I do not have any dental problems?

YES! Older adults are at greater risk for getting cavities, gum disease and mouth cancer and these may not cause any pain or discomfort until they are advanced.

Dental checkups are recommended for everyone, twice a year.

Q. What if I lost all of my natural teeth, do I still need to get regular checkups?

YES! People with no natural teeth are at equal risk for oral cancer and gum disease. Those wearing dentures need to have their mouth and their dentures checked at least once a year.

Q. I still have most of my teeth; how can I keep them for the rest of my life?

YES! Older adults need to keep their mouths clean by regular brushing and flossing and visiting the dentist twice a year .

Changing Mouth

Q. Does your mouth change as you get older?

YES! Among other things, as we age, the nerves in our teeth can become smaller, making our teeth less sensitive to cavities or other problems.

Q. Are older people more likely to lose their teeth than younger people?

YES! Older adults are less likely to feel pain in their teeth which may dissuade them from getting care until it is too late to save the tooth.

Cavities & Fluoride

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Q. Can older people still get cavities?


Q. How does this happen?

Exposed root surfaces and older fillings are prone to cavities. Medications that dry the mouth and their general preferance of softer, sweeter foods put them at greater risk of getting cavities.

Old fillings sometimes break down and pave the way for cavities.

Q. What about fluoride, how can it help older adults?

YES! Natural teeth can always be helped by fluoride

Periodontal Disease

Q. What is periodontal disease? Can older adults get it?

YES! Periodontal disease is an infection of your gums.Everyone with natural teeth is at risk .

Q. How can I prevent getting periodontal disease?

You can prevent periodontal disease by:

Brushing your teeth and gums daily.

Regularly scheduling dental check ups and following instructions of your dentist.

Q. What are the symptoms of gum disease?

Symptoms may be difficulty in eating, bad breath and pain.

Severe gum disease has also been linked several systemic illnesses like pneumonia in long-term care patients, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Dry Mouth

Q. My mouth feels very dry, is that because of my age ?

NO! Having a dry mouth is NOT a result of aging, but is often due to medication.

Q. What can I do in the case of a dry mouth?

Check with your dentist or physician to find out the cause of your dry mouth and treat it accordingly.

Q. What other options do I have to help in this condition?

You have several options to help dry mouth:.

Sip water throughout the day.

Have sugar-free gum or candies.

Mouth Cancer

Q.Are older citizens at risk for mouth cancer?

YES! As with many other cancers, older adults are at a higher risk of getting mouth cancer than younger people.

Risk of getting mouth cancer is more likely if they smoke, heavy drinkers or are repeatedly exposed to the sunlight.

Q. How do I know if I have mouth cancer? Does it cause pain?

Mouth cancer can be a red or white patch or any change in your mouth that lasts for more than 2 weeks. Regular dental visits for a complete oral examination are very important as all oral cancers in initial stages are painless and go unnoticed.

Q. What if I think I have cancer in my mouth?

See your dentist immediately to get a thorough oral cancer examination.

The earlier mouth cancer is detected and treated, the better the prognosis will be.

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My Self shradha i am working as copy righter for from last 6 years i am working for this organisation and like to do lots of research and update my self.

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Stress Management A Technique

  • Posted on November 20, 2018 at 2:37 am

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By Karen Hastings, Edinburgh

Most of us know that stress is bad for us and that it has all kinds of negative effects on health. In fact, it has been estimated that 80% of modern diseases can be linked to stress and that stress-related complaints account for a significant portion of G.P consultations. More and more people are seeking ways to manage their stress and you may have found that setting time aside to sit down and ‘do nothing’ does not actually lead to you feeling relaxed, as you still have thoughts and worries whirring in your head.

A non-drug method of achieving relaxation, which is widely advocated by healthcare professionals, is relaxation training. The aim of relaxation training is for the individuals to be able to achieve both a relaxed body, with muscles free from tension and also peaceful thoughts, so that the mind too is relaxed.

Relaxation training can work as a preventative measure (to protect the body from stress related damage), as a coping strategy (to be employed in times of stress and thus reduce the effect of stress) and as a treatment for stress related illnesses such as high blood pressure, tension headaches, Irritable Bowel syndrome and much more.

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Relaxation training refers to learning formal techniques. These usually take two forms, physical and psychological. The physical techniques work directly on the body and aim to educate the individual to recognise and reduce muscle tension. The techniques differ and may involve stretching, tensing and releasing individual muscle groups, learning to breathe in a way that encourages relaxation, moving body parts out of defensive tense positioning into relaxed positioning, reviewing each muscle group in the body, identifying any tension and then releasing it, practising the posture of a relaxed person. Psychological techniques focus on relaxing the mind. Psychological techniques vary and may involve visualisation, meditation, guided goal directed visualisation, self-awareness, autogenic training and imagery. Since the body and mind are interconnected, techniques which encourage physical relaxation, also work on the mind and techniques which encourage peaceful thoughts, also result in the body being more relaxed.

Once you have learnt such techniques they are a life-long skill and can be applied both formally to achieve a deep state of relaxation and ‘on the spot’ when you need to quickly release tension as you go about your daily life. Relaxation training is taught by various healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, social workers and sports professionals such as exercise coaches. With a good relaxation book, it is also possible to teach yourself techniques. Like most things worth doing, learning to relax takes commitment and practice and it will only be effective if you practice it regularly and build it into your routine.

For now, why not try the following simple technique, known as peripheral vision. It’s quick and simple to learn and is very effective at activating the part of the nervous system, which is responsible for helping us feel calm.

Get comfortable in a chair and find a spot on the wall, straight in front of you and slightly above eye level. Throughout this process just keep focusing on the spot. Just continue to look at that same point, perhaps in soft focus, after a while begin to broaden out your field of vision, wider and wider until your really paying attention to what you can see out of the corners of your eyes. Keeping your eyes on the spot, extend your awareness all around you, become aware of all the other things in the room that you can see by using your imagination. Perhaps, imagine a tennis ball hovering just behind the back of your head. What else can you see behind your head? You may have noticed that your breathing has slowed down and that the muscles of your face have relaxed.

Keep practising this technique; it may help to play some relaxing music at the same time. You will notice that is impossible to feel tense or worried whilst you are in peripheral vision.

About the Author: Karen is an NHS experienced occupational therapist. She has worked in the NHS with people with acute and chronic mental health problems. Karen is a master NLP practitioner and also practices traditional cognitive behavioural approaches and hypnotherapy in Edinburgh.


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Understanding A Dentist And Dentistry

  • Posted on August 16, 2018 at 1:28 am

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Understanding a Dentist and Dentistry


Jennifer Miller

At times referred to as a dental surgeon, a dentist is a medical professional who specializes in dentistry, the branch of medicine that addresses medical issues relating to oral cavity. Contrary to common belief, a dentist does not only involve him/herself with problems of the human teeth. He/she also specializes in addressing medical issues to do with the maxillofacial area. A professional dentist surgeon will normally have several support personnel including a dental assistant, dental hygienist, dental technician and dental therapist.

Just like in other countries such as the US, UK, Japan and Australia, Canadian health authorities place a lot of emphasis on dentist training. The training is aimed at producing high caliber dentists who can effectively address public oral cavity issues. While those graduating from university dental schools after four years of study come out as general dentists, they have the option of furthering their education to qualify as either Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine.

Just like in other countries, Canadian dentists have specialized in different areas of dentistry. It is therefore possible to find the following specialized dentists:

Dental public health These are the professional dentists responsible for studying dental epidemiology and formulating dental public health policies. They are in most cases work in government agencies.

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Endodonticts These are professional dentists who specialize in studying and treating dental pulp diseases. They are professionally referred to as Endodontists.

Oral and maxillofacial dental pathology This is a specialized field of dental pathologists who specialize in studying, diagnosing and treating both oral and maxillofacial diseases. They also study radiology of the same areas. Some of them proceed to specialize as oral and maxillofacial dental surgeons in which case they involve themselves with teeth extraction, teeth implants and correction of congenital facial deformities.

Orthodontics This is the field of orthodontists who specialize in correcting orthodontic problems such as misaligned teeth.

Periodontics This is a field that involves the study and treatment of gum disease.

Although most dental health problems occur due to poor oral hygiene, dentists emphasize on the need to for affected individuals to seek professional evaluation for any kind of problem.

This is because poor hygiene may not be the only cause of the same. Both oral and maxillofacial health problems can be symptoms of deep rooted undiagnosed disease including cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and osteoporosis.

The different specialization areas of dentistry can make the choice of the right dentist a big challenge for a layman. The best way to engage the service of the right dentists is usually to start by consulting a general physician or dentist who is better placed to identify a dental problem and refer a patient to the right specialist. Although some of the specialists are to be found in Canadian public health facilities, others are in private practice, offering their service to members of the public and organizations from their own facilities, which are duly registered.

The cost of treating dental health problems vary greatly. A professional\’s experience and reputation informs his/her rates. Those seeking dental treatment should however not worry about the cost as treatment for oral and maxillofacial health problems is covered by various health insurance policies.

Jennifer is a health fitness expert at health-local. Health-local is Canada best national directory for finding information on

Dentist in Canada


Dental Clinic in Toronto

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Kamagra An Impotence Soothing Pills}

  • Posted on June 30, 2018 at 1:31 am

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Submitted by: Mary Adam

Kamagra is a solution to overcome from the hindrances of erectile dysfunction arises mostly in the age of 50s and 60s. It has been sanctioned to beat the issue of male impotence. The drug has got finished up of various essential components in which sildenafil citrate stood a vital one. It is alleged an FDA approved and found available in affordable price. One can get the pills in various strength and quantities. Its acts like an anti-impotence pills, which aids thrash down the snag of penile erection and promote men, enjoy their sexual relation without any obstacles. It is a form of hard pills must be taken with the normal water. Any age groups of male can consume this pill, if in case suffering from impotence. Its intake aids facilitates the blood circulation of the penis making the muscles calm and the nerves broad in form. The process further turns the condition in normal form allowing a person to get sexually interacted.

Verity of male impotence

Male impotence is nothing, but a form of penile erection, arises due to sexual stimulation. A stage where man sexually get encouraged and fails fulfill their desire. It actually turns the penile in tough and the nerves in narrow from, which restricts the blood circulation of the penis and results erectile dysfunction issue. Not every man get the issues of ED, but a person holding an unhealthy habit called smoking may face this difficulty. Male impotence is found to be a form of sexual disorder not a disease; hence, one must not worry about it. The condition may found to be incurable, which runs throughout the life. The impediment comprises genetic as well as an unhealthy lifestyle.

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Dosage direction

One must intake the pills under the guidance of the doctor. An intake of 1 pill consider a minimum dosage of one day, one must not dare to proceed more than that. In case of pills failure try seeking the help of the doctor rather than doubling the dosage. Try maintaining 24 hours gap between the dosages. Take the dosage when you feel an urge of sex. One must consume the pills of kamagra one hour before going under sexual relation; since, the pills take around 30 to 40 to get into response, in which the effect runs for 4 to 5 hours. The pills gradually get dissolves in the blood and aids you get full pleasure of the sexual life.

Precautionary measures

Kamagra hard tab in only introduce for the men suffering from impotence so, a women or a normal men must not predict to use it. Taking it with meal is optional, avoidance of spicy oily and a grape contained stuff is appreciable; since, it is likely to get over react or tend to reduce the effect of the pills. Men with organ and health disorder must disclose the doctor before having this pill.


Store the pills in tight safe container placed in room temperature away from moisture, sunrays and small kids.

About the Author: Hi friends, this is Mary Adam from UK. I am completed P.HD in Pharmacy. At present i am working with

as medical adviser. Also i write blog on Men’s and womens health and other health related disease and products like Super P Force, Kamagra Jelly, Kamagra, Forzest, etc.For addition information please visit:


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How Does Stress Affect Your Overall Health? Top Seven Ways To Relieve Stress

  • Posted on May 23, 2018 at 1:27 am

By Suzanne Glover

Having stress affect your overall health today is a widespread concern. While, the signs of stress are numerous and worth discussing, of more importance is learning the best ways to relieve stress. This article answers the question, “How does stress affect health?” as well as describes one of the best ways to relieve stress permanently and decrease aging.

?SIGNS OF STRESS: At first glance, you may think that having stress affect your overall health is solely limited to your physical body. But it goes deeper than just the physical plane. It also affects our mental, emotional, behavioral and spiritual levels as well. Let’s take a look at answering the question, “How does stress affect health on all levels?”

?PHYSICAL EFFECTS OF STRESS: Our bodies are “prisoners” of our minds. So, when our minds perceive danger and signal red alert, our bodies produce stress hormones or chemicals in response to that red alert that make our hearts pound faster, blood pressure rise, breathing quicken and overall prepare us to fight or run!

?In today’s society, this physical state of producing stress hormones typically becomes chronic, which in turn produces a chemical addiction inside your body to always wanting and creating the stress hormones, which accelerates having stress affect your overall health.

?Having these stress hormones then continually “running rampant” inside your body slowly wears out the internal mechanisms or organs so that diseases such as high blood pressure or heart disease can take hold as well as “keeps your body too busy” for daily immune functions that keep your body overall healthy. This is where the commonly known physical effects of stress come into play such as fatigue, digestive problems, insomnia, muscle aches and pains, including the chest pain stress we feel when we’re under pressure.

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?In fact, there is a significant correlation between stress and hair loss. Why? Because your body literally sheds everything that isn’t vital to survival when it is kept in a chemically stressful state.

?MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL EFFECTS OF STRESS: When coping with stress, it is important to remember that our minds are also affected by the chemicals in our bodies. So, it is reasonable to expect such mental symptoms of anxiety, low motivation, inability to focus or restlessness to show up because our minds are not chemically functioning at their best.

?The mental symptoms of stress then lead to behavioral symptoms such as overeating, violent episodes of anger or frequent bouts of escapism through drugs and alcohol because of the body and mind’s inability to cope with the constant bombardment of stress hormones.

?Letting stress affect your overall health constantly through too much stress hormone release also takes away your inner peace and trust that there is any spiritual side of life.

?WAYS TO RELIEVE STRESS: Once you decide that you want to learn how to reduce stress, there are a few simple things you can do:

?TIP #1: GET PHYSICAL: Walk, run, bike, swim, dance or jump up and down at your desk for a few minutes. When you start feeling stressed, do anything that will loosen up your body and break the stress hormone cycle.

?TIP #2: GET “MINDFULLY” PHYSICAL: Combining physical stress management and relaxation techniques for the mind together works wonders. Examples of this would be doing mindful exercises such as yoga, Pilates, Tai chi or other mind-body practices.

?TIP #3: BREATHE: Our bodies need air, yet the simple act of breathing is forgotten when the body becomes stressed. Become conscious of your breathing all day, regardless of what you are doing otherwise.

?TIP #4: TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND: In learning how to manage stress, one aspect is simply to take control of your thoughts. While this is easier said than done, by continually doing this you can create a chemical addiction to positive thoughts, which in turn makes it easier to handle stressful situations.

?TIP #5: TAKE TIME OUT: Taking a weekend off or finding a creative outlet can break the cycle of negative hormones. If you can consistently find a way to “forget your worries,” you will soon create an addiction to the peaceful feeling you have when taking time out for yourself.

?TIP #6: ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR POWER: Everyone has a significant reserve of internal power. Once this power is found and tapped into, you move from being a victim to being in charge of your life. This toggles your mind’s perspective from “Things are not alright, we have to fight or run” to “Things are okay,” which stops the stress hormone flow.

?TIP #7: BRAINWAVE MEDITATION: One of the best ways to relieve stress is to use something called a brainwave meditation audio. It uses electronic frequencies to safely put the mind into a relaxed and calm state within minutes while all you do is relax. It has also been proven to significantly reduce the stress hormones that cause anxiety and aging while at the same time increase the “good” chemicals that counteract stress and anxiety as well as promote youthfulness.

?SUMMARY: So, how does stress affect health? It affects every facet of our existence, which in turns affects our health. Identifying exactly what makes stress affect your overall health is second to finding ways to relieve stress. Combine these stress reliefs tips for a balance approach to overcoming stress and aging.

About the Author: Suzanne Glover offers

customized brainwave meditations

that reduce stress as well as shares more tips and techniques for taking control of your life at


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Find A Qualified Dentist For Your Oral Problems?

  • Posted on December 23, 2017 at 2:42 am

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Submitted by: Stephen Pauly

We ve been hearing about brushing our teeth regularly and visit to dentists since we were kids. Taking care of your teeth is extremely important. This is a big enough reason to encourage you to visit a dentist who will guide you on how to take care of your teeth while also helping you fix any oral problems you may encounter. If you ve relocated or you need to change a dentist, you might face some problems in finding a dentist in Los Angeles all over again. People who have relocated are presented with this problem the most, because they don t know how to start looking for a dentist. This write-up will be telling you about how to find a dentist in Los Angeles for yourself.

It s mandatory to have a good dentist working on your oral care. You need the right person for the job. Although there is no shortage of good dentist in Los Angeles, it s always advised that you should conduct your own investigation on your prospective dentist, so that you end up in good hands. There are good dentists who know the best ways to enhance your smile and ensure that you have excellent oral health. If you re new to the city, you will obviously have no clue about where to start from and how to find yourself a good dentist in Los Angeles. But this write-up will give you some fool-proof steps that will most likely land you in the best hands of a good dentist in the city. You could ask your friends or co-workers for a few names of dentist in Los Angeles. This would be a start. Don t end up going to the dentist right away, there s still a long way for you to go.

YouTube Preview Image

If asking around brings you no luck, you ll definitely find help when you go to register for health insurance. Usually, health insurance companies will provide you with lists of dentist in Los Angeles, whom they cover. This gives you a prepared list that makes it very simple for you to choose from. Although most of the dentists on these lists are excellent in their field of work, there s no harm in doing your own research about them as well. When you research about these dentists in Los Angeles, you need to focus on patient reviews, qualifications, costs and their success in whatever procedures they perform. Mostly, this information is easily available over the internet. It s always a plus point if you speak to their patients in person too. Talk to the patients and read their reviews, to see if they are satisfied with the dentist of Los Angeles. This will give you the assurance that there are a lot of people who like the way the dentist works. Analyze their charges if you find this information on the internet. Otherwise, visit their clinic to get hold of this information. Look for their qualifications, experience and credentials to see if they are certified and have studied at a good university. Their experience is always important because experienced doctors are always better than those with less experience.

This will help you short list your searches to just a few names. You can then visit the dentists and see what they are like in person. Judge how comfortable you are with them and find out whether it is easy to talk to them about your problems. This is human nature. You will be able to find a dentist who you are more compatible with and who you feel comfortable with. Judging by all these factors, you ll be able to find a dentist in Los Angeles for yourself.

About the Author:

Los Angeles Dentist

Dentistry is a wholesome procedure that seeks to provide a patient with better looking teeth and a perfect smile. Click here for

TMJ Dentist Los Angeles



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Live A Healthy Life Having A Diet Loaded With Egg White Protein}

  • Posted on November 14, 2017 at 4:19 pm

Submitted by: Bonham Forshage

To stay healthy and fit is not an easy task. However, everyone wants to have a strong physique along with a strong immune system. On the other hand, people at times cannot focus on their health due to one or more reasons. But it is essential to take some time for yourself so as to keep your body healthy and fit. One of the basic building blocks of body is proteins. They not only help you to realize your dream of having great and attractive physique but also keep you strong from inside. Richest source of protein is egg whites. Egg white protein contains all the essential amino acids that are responsible for reconstruction and reparation of damaged cells. Apart from that, you can easily assimilate egg white with any of your favourite juice or drink.

As egg white proteins comprise of manifold benefits but people still avoid including eggs in their daily diet. One of the main reasons of such avoidance is it takes a lot of time and patience to extract egg white from egg yolk properly. Moreover, direct inclusion of raw egg into your diet increases the chances of salmonella infections and it also adds some amount of cholesterol. This cholesterol is not good for you if you are on dieting.

YouTube Preview Image

The most convenient way to get benefitted from amazing advantages of egg white protein is to use ready-to-consume packets of egg whites protein. Leading suppliers proffer a wide range of egg whites products in order to resolve problems faced by people in consuming eggs on a daily basis. Buying these ready to use packs comes with various advantages. There is no need to spend time in shopping for quality eggs. People with weak digestion must buy these egg whites products in bulk. Not only this, if you are on a strict diet and want to lose weight, you can fearlessly include liquid egg whites in your diet as they have very low amount of calories. Thusly there is no risk of putting-on weight and you can continue you dieting in a healthy manner.

If compared with meat, lentils and whey protein, egg white protein is of greater bio-availability and they get easily absorbed within 4-5 hours. Your body stays in an anabolic state for long-time which further results into muscle gain. Other than body builders who need strong muscle power, common people have an energetic and active lifestyle once they included egg white products in their diet. Not only weight conscious people and athletes get these benefits, people suffering from illness of a very long-time show fast and positive signs of recovery due to egg white and its magical proteins. An important protein amount including selenium, choline folate, betaine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron is available in egg whites. These protein and nutrients collectively act to repair damaged cells and enhance organ functioning with an improved nervous system. Buy egg white products today. With the advancement of online stores it has now get to be simpler and helpful to buy fluid egg whites on the web.

About the Author: Bonham Forshage is passionate about build muscle and its growth. I am writing about egg white protein. Resource:


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Dental Implant: An Alternative To Missing Teeth}

  • Posted on October 13, 2017 at 2:20 am

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Dental Implant: An Alternative to Missing Teeth


Farid Noie

Are you missing a permanent tooth? Do you have gaps in your smile? Do you wear dentures and experience some of the following problems:

Slipping and clicking while smiling

Irritation and pain when you chew

Fear of eating in public

YouTube Preview Image

Feeling or looking older for your age

If so, you may be a candidate for dental implants, a modern day solution to missing teeth says Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Farid Noie. Dental implants use your jaws to hold a tooth replacement or bridge, rather than anchoring it to a healthy, neighboring tooth. The results are natural looking teeth implants that look, feel and function as your own. Dental implants Houston are titanium or titanium alloy screws that are placed in the jaw bone. They serve as roots for reconstruction. Dental implants with reconstructions may be used instead of bridges or false teeth says Dr. Farid Noie. They allow patients who are missing teeth to have a functional and cosmetically appealing reconstruction.

Some benefits of dental implants are:


Improved comfort

Improved speech

Eat better

Improved appearance

Protect your remaining natural teeth

Improved self-esteem

Finding and selecting an experienced implant dentist is the most important decision you must make before restoring your teeth. To learn more about dental implants and find out if you are a candidate for this procedure, please contact a cosmetic dentist for a free consultation.

Dr.Noie is highly trained in Advanced Bone Grafting and Sinus Lift, and ridge Augmentation. He has completed Advanced Bone Grafting training at Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) as well as prestigious Map Institute where he learned first hand; in depth live surgical Procedures for rehabilitating implant patients with poor quality bone, limited availability of bone, and Complicated Cases. For more details please visit

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