Aca, Why You Need A Trusted Insurance Agent To Guide You

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ACA, Why You Need a Trusted Insurance Agent to Guide You


Judi Goloff

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) greatly helped demystify health insurance in USA. In a bid to make health care affordable to all segments of the population, health insurance was stratified into four broad categories namely; the bronze plan, the silver plan, the gold plan, and the platinum plan. The use of the metals to refer to the different plans is what led to the plans being dubbed metallic plans.

The metallic plans are supposed to guide the cumulative cost of the premiums as one moves from the lower metal plans to the highest metal plan. However, consumers are advised to be careful when shopping for health insurance since it is actually possible to get a company that has cheaper gold plan that another company\’s silver plan. An independent health insurance agent can help furnish you with this and related information and advice on the best course of action.


Even though Affordable Care Act proposed the 4 plans, there is no legislation stipulating that every health insurance company should offer all the four metallic plans. However, ACA requires every company to at least have the silver and gold plans. A consumer could easily get confused when dealing with a company that offers only silver and gold plans and think that only two plans exist. This underscores the importance of working with a good health insurance agent. The Blue Cross Blue Shield NC (BCBSNC) agents will help you understand these metallic plans to avoid such misconceptions.

Whichever metallic plan you settle for, it should provide all the fundamental health benefits. Depending on your state, there might be some statutory requirements for other add-on services to each plan. Even though all the plans provide similar fundamental services, the amount covered by the different plans differs and that is the main reason why they don\’t have a uniform cost.

Most consumers stick to their health insurance under the illusion that they will benefit from incentives given to loyal customers. Some consumers picked a plan a couple of years ago when that was the best deal they could get on the market and have never bothered to review it. Even though it is often true that your longevity as a customer might give you a better deal, it is sometimes a huge fallacy that could lose you a lot of money in the long run. The Blue Cross Blue Shield NC staff will provide you with real time information that can help you make an informed decision to avoid such loses.

Relying on an online calculator might not be the best way to go. Even though these calculators often give a relatively close estimate, it is always better to work with a real agent. BCBSNC agents have the knowledge, expertise and experience needed in comparing the cost implications of different plans available on the market. Whenever one\’s needs change, it might be necessary to review the health insurance package. For instance, a new couple expecting their first baby may want to ensure maternity is covered in the health insurance. A good health insurance agent will advise the couple on how best to make such adjustments.

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