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Unique Valentine Day Celebrations

  • Posted on May 15, 2018 at 3:07 pm

Unique Valentines Day Celebrations



Seeing as many of us tend to get influenced by our social surroundings, having such a day is quiet useful. All will be making the day memorable and spending it with unique way of celebration. How about paying for the guy in the queue behind you at the toll bridge, \”dropping\” a fiver and picking up to give to a stranger or any unexpected act of kindness. So for so many people they enter into weight loss without changing the way they view themselves or even feel about themselves. Show up at their job with flowers in hand and a romantic poem (anyone can call a florist and have flowers delivery indore — do the job yourself). – Decorate your bedroom at home so that when they come home you can have your own little romantic getaway. Use candles, rose petals, chocolate kisses, and romantic music.

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If you are hesitating to send your message of love to your lovable one, you can check out this where Nokia cupid gives you an opportunity to send free SMS on Valentine\’s Day. Everyone has an aura. Anger, jealousy, greed, depression… each emotion has an associated subtle energy body, and that can be read, interpreted, fixed and healed. Not only do online portals allow you a selection of great colors and flowers delivery indore, they also enable exquisite designs. In heart shapes and also other attractive varieties, the presentation augments the appeal of the flowers manifold. With the influx of western culture, Valentines Day, celebrated with champagne or wine and a candle light dinner is gaining popularity in Asian countries like India, as well. One ancient tradition is for an unmarried girl to wake up early, and stand by their window. Legend has it that the first man an unmarried girl sees that day will end up marrying her within a year. Lovers in every part of the world plan some special things to do and flower delivery indore for their partners to express their feelings of love for them. This 14th February, miss no chance to express your immortal love towards your Valentine. Besides the fragrance-full roses and cards with musical notes, gift her soft cushy teddy and coffee mugs. Jewelery, chic dresses, hand purses and photo frames are best buys. Share some of the world\’s most lyrical poetry with the one you love. If you\’re truly soul mates, you might even recognize some of the ancient verses from your past reincarnations. You can easily send flowers to indore with best quality flower delivery in indore service from A1flowers.

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Butt Joint The Simplest Woodwork Joints

  • Posted on April 16, 2018 at 3:07 pm

By Darren Anderson

Everything progresses from the basics to the complex. In woodwork DIY, butt joint is the simplest form of woodwork joints. As its name implies, it is simply butting two pieces of wood together to form a joint. To make a butt joint, all you have to do is to cut two pieces of wood to the required length and butt them together. There are various versions of butt joints, developed based on the means of reinforcing the joint. The simplest version of butt joint uses glue to hold the two pieces of wood together at the joint. Gluing does not really reinforce the joint and the resulting joint is still weak, because you are basically gluing the end grain of one piece to the long grain of the other piece. In view of that, woodworkers come up with other methods of reinforcing the joint.

The biscuit reinforced butt joint basically uses an oval shaped wood known as biscuit in the butt joint. The biscuit normally uses beech wood and is specially dried and compressed. It is flexible in characteristics and will swell up when used in a butt joint. To have a biscuit reinforced butt joint, you first need to make a mortise in each of the two pieces of wood you are joining. To make a mortise, you need the right tool such as biscuit joiner or slot cutter bit in a router. The mortises in both pieces of wood should be matching. Once the mortise is ready, the biscuit is insert to one of the mortises with some glue. The other mortise on the other piece of wood is then brought to the one with the biscuit, aligned and clamped. The biscuit in the mortise will absorb some moisture from the glue and swell up in the mortise. When this happens, it will result in a highly fitting joint. The biscuit comes in different sizes for different purposes. Often, more than one biscuit is used side by side, especially when the joining woods are thick. The biscuit reinforced butt joint is commonly used in frames, cabinet carcase construction, and panel assembly alignment.

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The dowel joint or dowel reinforced butt joint uses dowels, which are solid cylindrical rods made of wood, to reinforce a butt joint. You can also buy plastic and metal dowels. The dowels come in different diameters, such as inch. inch, and so on, depending on your applications. To make a dowel joint, you need to drill holes in both pieces of wood. The holes in one piece must lined u with the corresponding hole in the other piece. This alignment is important in making good joint. The holes are normally drilled with the help of a dowelling jig, which ensures accurate alignment of the holes. Once the holes are drilled, you then insert the dowels into the hole of one piece and fit the hole of the other piece into the dowel. Glue may or may not be used depending on your application. The dowel joint is much stronger than a non-reinforced butt joint. Common applications of dowel joint are found in frames, carcase construction, chairs, cabinets and panels. Over time, you will find that the furniture with dowel joints may start to creak and wobble as the dowels shrink and become loose. As a result, dowel joints are normally not used in high quality furniture.

The mitered butt joint is a modified version of butt joint. It is basically gluing two pieces of wood at an angle, such that end grain is glued to end grain. The strength of the mitered joint is no stronger than the basic butt joint, but it does look nicer and cleaner than the butt joint. To make a mitered joint, the angles of the two pieces of wood must be cut precisely. This is done using a compound miter saw. Once the woods are cut and ready, you simply glue the ends together. To make the mitered joint strong, you can hold the joint using nails or screws.

Screwed butt joint basically uses screws to hold the butt joint together. The screw should goes from the long grain to the end grain. The trick to good screwed butt joint is to make sure the screw is long enough so that a good portion of the screw is in the piece with the end grain. The rule of thumb is the screw should be three times the thickness of the wood. Often, the piece with the long grain is pre-drilled so that the screw head will be hidden in the wood. Once the screw is in, the hole may or may not be covered with the right size dowel or plastic plug.

There are other variations of butt joint which will be covered in future article.

About the Author: Darren Anderson is the chief editor of his own woodworking site at

. He is a woodworking hobbyist and a freelance writer


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Learn The Basic Ways On How To Read A Ruler

  • Posted on March 5, 2018 at 3:12 pm

By John Grant

A basic skill that all people should know for a wide variety of applications is the skill of reading a ruler. Learning how to read a ruler can be complicated at first, but just knowing the basic measurements can help one to establish further ability to read a ruler.

In most woodworking plans, learning how to read a ruler is essential. Even in grade school, learning how to read a ruler is a basic knowledge. How to read a ruler properly is most important when trying to get an accurate measurement as in building a structure or even while doing your homework back in school. Inaccurate measurements will result to a disarrayed and unorganized output when working on woodworks such as furniture making.

In learning how to read a ruler, there are symbols that are involved to represent the unit of measurements used in rulers. For instance, the symbol of quote () is used to represent the unit of inches. The symbol of apostrophe () is used to represent the unit of feet.

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A more concrete example on how to read a ruler will be to represent three feet eleven and three eighths inches as represented by the symbol 311-3/8. Another basic foundation on how to read a ruler will be to become familiar with the little marks found on it.

In the United States a standard tape measure or ruler is divided into inches and feet. There are 12 inches in one foot. The inches unit is then subdivided into numbers of lines that are of different lengths. The unit of measurement grows larger as the length of the lines grows longer.

In an inch the longest line in the middle marks the half inch and there is only one of this line in an inch. There are two one quarter of an inch line or which is represented by the next shortest line in an inch. There are four shorter lines that mark one eighth of an inch or 1/8 and there are eight shortest lines that mark one sixteenth of an inch (1/16). In some more precise rulers, they extend to represent the 1/32 mark on the ruler.

But in most typical rulers, the smallest measurement unit is set to 1/16. Counting the distance in an inch, there are sixteen lines that represent an inch to be 16/16th long. However, in order to avoid complicated measurement, we often express the fractional units into its largest unit hence an inch.

Therefore it follows that when you have 8 lines which basically represent the unit of 8/16 the largest possible unit of this measurement will be half an inch (1/2). With 4 lines this represents the unit of 4/16 that is equals to a quarter inch or .

When learning how to read a ruler, it would be hard at first to recognize the various lengths and the different measurement units they represent. But with constant practice and intense study one can easily learn how to read a ruler from the basic measurement to a more complicated reading of a ruler.

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Parking Lot Lighting

  • Posted on October 16, 2017 at 3:13 pm

By Russell Neal

Parking lot lighting represents an investment that every commercial entity must make to successfully operate a business. By law, every parking lot must have 3-4 foot-candles of light evenly distributed across the pavement. Businesses who ignore or neglect this requirement may find themselves subject to heavy penalties in the form of costly fines. Companies can avert this by upgrading their parking lot lights either to increase luminosity to legal levels or to more aesthetically illuminate the facility and add a decorative touch to the lot that compliments the architecture and landscaping of the property.

Many people do not realize how detrimental glare can be to the human eye. Surprisingly enough, glare can actually aid criminal mischief because it prevents a person under attack from clearly seeing in the bright light reflected from fixtures, windows, and windshields. Professional outdoor lighting contractors can solve the problem of glare with parking lot lights housed in shoebox fixtures (so named because they look like shoeboxes.) These fixtures output the same level of light as do other fixtures but filter it in such a fashion as to disperse light photons just enough that they ‘wash’ the parking lot in light rather than ‘beaming’ intense light onto highly reflective metal and glass.

Public squares, parks, restaurants, and nightclubs can improve their security with this simple upgrade that maintains both the welfare of customers and the reputation of the business as a safe place to be after dark. Upon client request, electrical designers can take safety one-step further by linking the lights in the parking lot to the security system. They can install lights with sensors that automatically shine the lights from dusk till dawn, or we can link parking lot lights to a timer that turns them on the moment the office closes.

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Parking lot lighting can be as ornamental as it is utilitarian when deployed by the expert designers like Houston’s Illuminations Lighting and Design. Parking lot poles come in a number of sizes and styles that add a decorative touch that contributes to entertainment, romance, and luxury. For restaurants, shopping centers, and commercial facilities we normally install standard parking lot light poles that measure from 25 feet on up to 45 feet in height. This proves very cost effective for businesses with exceptionally large parking lots because a smaller number of tall poles cast a greater field of light across the pavement.

For smaller lots adjoining parks, or for parking facilities surrounding luxury hotels, country clubs, and resorts, 12-16 foot poles with ornamental bases and fixtures add an elegant compliment to the lighting theme. Ornamental parking lot lights can be extended into the green space surrounding the pavement as well. In many public parks and private corporate parks one or two ornamental light poles placed adjacent to statuary and water features provides both a physically decorative element and an extra touch of light that accentuates foliage, sidewalks, streams, and walkway bridges.

Because parking lot lights require continuous power consumption, companies can reduce their overhead by using metal halide fixtures that produce a very bright, white light and consume less power than do older, now outdated parking lot lights. While specialty lighting design, advanced technology, and ornamental housing do require an investment, the return on investment is well worth the upgrade. Reduced power costs and improved security that minimizes crime and possible, associated liabilities are cost benefits businesses and luxury facilities can clearly measure on their annual reports over the years to come.

About the Author: Illuminations Lighting and Design multi-specializes in five major disciplines and continues to lead the way as Texas’s premier outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, and commercial lighting systems and service vendor. Visit and for more information.


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