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What To Consider When Purchasing Engagement Ring

  • Posted on June 3, 2018 at 1:18 am

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What to consider when purchasing Engagement ring


Michle Ada

Before you go for the purchase of Engagement ring for your Lady Love or for your Mr. Perfect there are many things which need to be considered. As an engagement ring, it is always most important thing for a Lady as she cherish that throughout her lifetime as this will be a significant & memorable gift of your life as a couple, same applies in case of men as well.

As now a days, buying jewellery is a most expensive thing to be done and one has to be really cautious while selection of it. Your selection should be like worth while spending your hard earned money and at the same time it will be appreciated by your partner as well.

You must keep few most important things in mind before you make the final selection of a ring i.e. the cut, the crafting, the color, the clarity, the make & the carat. These are the some points which one should keep in mind before purchasing a ring, these points will help in selecting a perfect ring which would be a true value of your hard earned money and at the same time will be appreciated by all.

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You should also keep in mind the size of the ring before your purchase done. The size will be determined by the accurate size of the finger of your partner. The foremost excellent step would be to get the size of your partner s engagement finger so that the ring you are selecting and purchasing could fit-in well.

Before purchasing engagement ring, you should also keep in mind with metal base you would like to your engagement ring to be for example- platinum, gold or any other metal. You should also keep in mind the choice of your partner in the selection of metal and stone in it.

Finally you may also consider the cost of the engagement ring, because many people believe that the cheap or low cost engagement ring are not good to buy and that gives a wrong impression. However, it is not necessary that a cheap ring or a less cost ring will not be good, in fact such ring should fit into your budget properly and spending extravagating is not which will show your feelings and love towards your partner but that will only mess up your budget.

14k Gold ring: First Choice of women

You must be thinking why to buy a ring with 14k gold only. Why not 22k or 24k . So the answer is right here. First of all, these 14k gold rings and bands are very popular these days as this has far more less cost then 22k or 24k gold ring. If you or your spouse or your partner is wearing this no one will be able to make out the dissimilarity of the 14k or more. Secondly, with this you can have diversity for different styles to have.

Apart from all these other important things, is your basic fundamentals while buying a jewellery? These fundamentals will be based on your choice of styles which can be traditional, western or ceremonial etc. You can select a ring of your own choice as per your taste even you can also get these rings made crafted as per your style.

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Maximize A Small Reception Space}

  • Posted on October 17, 2017 at 2:39 am

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Submitted by: Bridget Mora

If your reception space is a little tight, it is important to make the most of every square foot. There are some nifty tricks which will help to make a small wedding reception site feel more spacious. Learn how to maximize a small reception space to give it a roomy feeling.

Probably the most important thing you can do to add space to a tight reception venue is to select the right tables. Round dining tables are a must, as they take up less space than square or rectangular tables. Dainty chiavari chairs will feel less bulky than slipcovered seating. For a fun modern twist, select clear lucite chairs will which really cut down on the visual crowding of the space.

When space is at a premium, you must parcel it out wisely. Choose a plated dinner service over a buffet, since the buffet tables take up a lot of room (just be sure to allow a little more space between the dinner tables for the servers to walk through). If you are really trying to squeak out as much square footage as possible, opt for a d.j. over a band, since their sound system requires less room than a band does. Whenever possible, relegate the extra tables like those for the guest book and gifts to the hallway or an adjacent room.

The right decorations will also help to open up the wedding reception space. An uncluttered design scheme will go a long way towards making a venue feel less crowded and more airy. Clear simple centerpiece vessels will work better than heavy urns or ornate silver candelabras. For a great detail, fill the bottoms of the vases with sparkling crystals, which is so pretty when the bride is wearing crystal earrings. Choose unfussy flowers like tulips to maintain a more streamlined effect.

When you want a room to look light, choose light colors for your design scheme. Dark colors like brown, black, and red will tend to close up the space, whereas pink, ivory, champagne, and light blue create an open environment. Another tip is to keep the tables fairly uncluttered and to move a lot of the decorations to the ceiling. If you have high ceilings, hang fabulous crystal chandeliers (perfect for a formal wedding or one where the bride plans to crystal earrings and a crystal necklace). Another option for suspended decorations is to hang paper lanterns around the room. When you have so much visual interest on the ceilings, you can keep the table decorations to a minimum while still having plenty of pretty details in the room.

There are many additional creative ways to make the most of a tight reception space. Illuminate the walls with a pretty light color wash like pale pink to add more brightness to the room. Create a fun hanging display for the escort cards in the hallway leading into the dinner room rather than setting up a table inside the room. If need be, the head table can even be placed over the dance floor for dinner and be discreetly whisked away before the dancing begins (people do not sit in their assigned seats once the meal ends anyway and there will always be a place where a weary bridesmaid can sit between songs). With careful planning, a small reception space can be made to feel very comfortable and spacious.

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