Weight Loss Surgery

Information On Bariatric And Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery

Information on Bariatric and Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery



Researchers have found out that obesity has become a common problem in the United States of America. In the year 2002, reports were issued in which it was mentioned that two third of the American adults were diagnosed with overweight problem. Treating obesity is not so easy, especially, if fats are more accumulated in the belly area. Due to this, demand for surgeries has increased considerably. It was then decided that people who don\’t have any health issues like diabetes, but are prone to get some, are advised to take immediate action by choosing surgery as the weight loss option.

Though, fad diets and diet supplements have been proved to give effective results, an individual can gain the weight as soon as these methods are stopped. However, by choosing surgery as the option to get rid of those fats, a person can stay slim and fit for a long time. Here is a quick information on Bariatric and


Laparoscopic weight loss surgeries

that are quite popular.

More about Bariatric Surgery

It is a process which is performed on the people who are extremely obese and cannot workout due to their huge fats accumulation. These methods are usually done on the people who have been facing problem due to obesity and now are more prone towards severe health issues. In this surgery, the size of stomach is reduced by implanting the gastric band and thus the portion of stomach is removed. For this, the small intestines are located at the small stomach pouch with the help of gastric bypass surgery.

Bariatric surgery

is classified into two types: malabsorptive and restrictive. In restrictive process, the focus is on controlling the appetite and thus contributing in less food intake, where as malabsorptive process focuses on limiting the calorie intake from the intestine.

A doctor can perform it with different process and variation. Generally, this type of surgery is performed by a specialist team who carries years of experience in this field. Factors like obesity, fitness, and overall health is considered before the surgery begins.

More about Laparoscopic Surgery

This type of surgery is quite common and has been performed for many reason other than reducing the fats. It has now become a predominant technique and is widely used for weight loss. Generally, Bariatric surgeons perform this type of surgery and offer the patients with less invasive surgical option. However, to begin with this surgery, careful evaluation needs to be done which includes nutritional, psychological and psychical evaluation and to thus get an idea if the person is healthy entirely. To perform this operation, a small video is inserted inside the abdomen, so that surgeons can perform this surgery in much easy way by viewing the inside view through monitor. The surgical instruments are then inserted through small incisions in the abdominal wall. The surgery is safe to perform and so far no negative reviews have been received for it.

No matter which type of surgery you decide to go for, ensure that you talk to your doctor about it personally.

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