Some Effective And Cheaper Ways To Remove Stretch Mark Alternative To High Cost Surgery}

Some Effective and Cheaper Ways to Remove Stretch Mark Alternative to High Cost Surgery


Sutiyo Na

Some of you may not know where the stretch marks come from. In truth, it is the result of the skin’s overstretching. In a few instances such as weight loss ,obesity, , puberty, and mostly caused during pregnancy, the skin gets extended beyond what is normal. These marks are often the scars that produce a tremendous effect on the skin’s collagen production. Collagen is a type of protein which cause the growth of the connective tissues of the skin. Most people who suffer from stretch marks frequently lose their self esteem and get embarrassed about their skin. Sometime their feeling are mixed with confusion how to get effective stretch mark cure. And Beside that there are some ways that need considered based on cost budget. But its no worry. Theres great information its no longer to get confused as there are some effective and cheaper ways how to remove or conceal stretch mark.

In order to remove or hide Your stretch mark alternative to using costly stretch mark removal laser surgery that is very expensive. There are some ways how to remove or hide Your stretch mark. Its really effective and cheaper rather than surgery. The first is Massaging stretch mark removal cream on to your skin once or twice per day in skin areas such as : Abdomen, thighs, buttocks and breasts will ensure that your stretch marks remain in a very mild state or preferably, completely disappear.


Then the second way is using concealer product. But it must be considered as waterproof product. And it is especially made for concealing stretch marks. Again, these will cover them only but not eliminate them.

The third way is using Baby oil. Another inexpensive stretch marks removal tip is the use of baby oil that needs to be massaged on the skin in large amounts. Do it as the skin is still wet from bathing. It both aids in moisturizing the skin and enhancing its absorption capacity. The baby oil can be best used along the abdomen area. Do this with a moistened cloth while alternately providing the skin with hot and cold cures.

Then the last is natural way using Stretch mark removal cream of which contain several natural ingredients. And surely this cream wont cause bad side effect. These natural cream include vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D3, squalene oil , aloe vera and grapefruit seed extracts. The natural mixture above is for strengthening of the area of skin that the cream is applied to and for stimulation of new skin cell production.. This not only helps in reducing stretch mark scars as much as possible, but also prevents further development.

The affect of stretch marks is not only physical but also psychological for most woman. Sometime what you might read from some companies trying to sell you stretch mark removal products, the stretch mark is difficult to eliminate completely. For this reason prevention is better than cure, which is why I recommend the use of stretch mark natural cream, which concerns on both prevention and removal.

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Some Effective and Cheaper Ways to Remove Stretch Mark Alternative to High Cost Surgery}