Tooth Whitening Techniques For Sensitive Teeth}

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Tooth Whitening Techniques For Sensitive Teeth


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Sensitive teeth can be such a nightmare to one as they will essentially start troubling one even at the slightest whiff of air that passes into the mouth. Sensitive teeth never let an individual concentrate on anything as they keep troubling them. A set of sensitive teeth is essentially something that no one will really like to possess. Teeth perform various functions in our mouth apart from chewing; they give support to the overlying tissues of the mouth and provide the shape and structure to the mouth. Apart from this teeth also act as the organs that give an idea about our personality. They will be an indicator of how we treat our personal hygiene.

To protect teeth against sensitivity we need to know the causes of sensitivity. There may be various reasons for sensitive teeth, hard brushing, teeth grinding, erosion, gum diseases are some of the major causes of sensitivity in teeth. Normally the teeth are covered by a protective layer called enamel, when this enamel wears off the underlying dentin is exposed which is the cause for sensitivity in teeth that is caused by the changing of the temperature especially while having beverages. Apart from that tooth decay, periodontal disease and bad oral hygiene are also responsible for sensitive teeth. Many types of toothpaste have been reported to be the causative agents for sensitive teeth.


You can tell a person is suffering from sensitive teeth when a person consumes foods with various temperatures, sensitive teeth will feel mild wrench pain to more severe electric feeling radiating throughout the mouth. This sensation is again repeated when one eats sweet, sour, cold or hot that comes with sudden flashy pain or mild tingling pain. These are all the signs of tooth sensitivity. The discomforting sensation can either be mild to severe that would last from minutes going to hours. The pain may come and go depending on a number of factors.

Teeth Whitening can be quite a difficult task in such teeth as the pain and the after effects of whitening may not go very well for a person who is suffering from sensitive teeth. However some home based tips can be employed for minimizing the discomfort caused by the sensation. One such method is the gargling with warm saline water. This particular method is not only advised but also practiced by many dentists worldwide. If one has a chronic problem of sensation in teeth then consulting a dentist is the best option. Toothpastes that are especially manufactured for people suffering from sensation in the teeth is another good technique that can be implemented while undergoing treatment at a dental office.

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