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4 Signs You Need Brake Repair In Wilkes Barre, Pa

  • Posted on February 10, 2018 at 2:32 am

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byAlma Abell

You rely on your breaks to safely control your car. While each component of your vehicle is important for safe driving, your brakes are one of the most important components in stopping your car, especially in dangerous situations. If your brakes are not working correctly, you’ll need to have your brakes checked for repairs as soon as possible.

When your brakes are not serving your safety needs, you’ll need to seek repairs. While some signs may be more obvious than others, you’ll need to be able to identify them all to keep yourself safe. To learn how to spot the top four signs you need brake repair in Wilkes Barre, PA, continue to read this brief article.

You Hear Squealing, Clicking, or Grinding Noises

When you press your brake pedal, your vehicle should remain relatively quiet. If you notice any squeaking, clicking, or grinding when you brake, there may be something wrong with your brake’s hardware. Grinding and squealing noises are usually caused by worn brake pads. In any case, you should seek a professional inspection for brake repair.

It Takes Time to Stop Your Car

Your brakes should always be very responsive to protect you. If it takes a time to engage your brakes, or they fail to engage, you’ll need to seek repairs. There are a number of causes behind brake issues that cause them not to engage correctly, all of which will require professional attention.

Your Brake Pedal Vibrates

When you engage your brakes, vibrating should be minimal or non-existent. If you can feel vibrations when you press your brake pedal, you should contact a service for brake repair.

Your Car Pulls

If your car’s nose pulls to one side when you engage the brakes, you should seek repairs. Unevenly worn pads or alignment issues may lead to this issue. T & F Tire Service & Supply Company, Inc. can help with any of your brake repair needs.