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Are You Happy With Your Back Pain Treatment?}

  • Posted on January 14, 2018 at 2:45 am

Are you happy with your back pain treatment?



Four out of every five people suffer from back ache. If you fall into that bracket of the population that suffers from regular back pain, take heart: most of back ache which are caused due to a strain or a sprain are cured within a week without medical intervention. But there are other chronic back aches that might become worse without seeking medical help. Usually we tend to ignore our back aches and try some home remedies like cold or hot sponging, pain killers available over the counter and sometimes rest, hoping that the pain will eventually subside. No doubt these remedies help if your back ache is not major.

Time to visit a doctor

If your back ache is constant and exhausting it might be a sign that you need a good diagnosis from a professional. Back pain symptoms are usually local and scattered, mild or severe. Treatments for back ache vary according to the severity of your pain and so does the treatment. Depending on the type of your back ache you might be recommended pain relievers, muscle relaxants, topical pain relievers, narcotics, anti depressants, injections if theses dont work and in extreme cases of unrelenting pain you might have to undergo surgery.

There are cases when despite medical intervention, doctors can’t pinpoint what exactly is the cause your back problems, which makes them tricky to treat and the results of the treatment are unsatisfactory.No treatment for back ache is not without concerns as it has no easy, one-size-fits-all fix. So what should you do if you are not happy with your treatment? The following tips might help relieve you from constant back troubles.


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Regular exercise such as those including stretches and aerobics is known to alleviate back pain my strengthening your muscles and improving the posture. Yoga is also credited with improving back troubles. Exercise and yoga if done regularly under proper supervision can prove better than conventional medicines.

Manual therapy

This includesmobilization,manipulation and massage. If your pain is muscle related massage is worth trying. According to some researches it has been proven that those who get weekly massage see improvement in their back problem within 10 weeks.


It is a treatment in which fine needles will be inserted at different points in your body. It’s been proven to alleviate lower back pain.Acupuncture is best cure for chronic lower back pain as it blocks the pain signals and releases endorphins.

Remember that back pains are a sign of youth leaving the body, therefore right treatment at the right time is highly advised. It is also important to understand when the treatment you are taking is not right for you and its time you switch before it gets any worse. But the above mentioned tips are helpful in general. These treatments are said to be usually effective for those with severe back pain which seriously affects their ability to carry out daily chores and mobility.

In most cases the above and other alternative solutions help people get some pain relief. Sometimes certain conditions requires more targeted solution. It could be your condition. If you have used various solutions but are still looking for a solution to truly relieve your pain,no matter how long you have been in pain please keep on reading. This can be a viable solution for you.

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