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Tablets And Google Adwords A Great Futuristic Arsenal For Advertisers

  • Posted on November 8, 2017 at 3:31 am

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Tablets and Google Adwords – A Great Futuristic Arsenal for Advertisers


Sherlyn Thomas

It is reported that within the next five years, mobile internet usage will exceed desktop internet usage. Use of Internet on mobile devices is increasing exponentially and is contributing towards the foundation of newer ways of reaching customers.

With the addition of tablet devices like the iPad, Samsung Galaxy tab and the Dell Streak, smartphones there are more game changers in the mobile industry than just the smartphones. The sales of tablet devices are projected to reach a whopping 250 million by year 2015. If your business depends on Google Adwords or Yahoo

Search Marketing

for lead generation, you cannot afford to ignore this huge change which is imminent in the usage pattern of your customers.

Recent surveys have shown that mobile and tablet users are spending much more time these devices and lesser on desktops. Users are actively searching and are taking purchase decisions too, due to the ease of accessibility of a mobile or a tablet as opposed to a desktop or a laptop. With this increasing abundance of mobile users, Adwords marketers need to adjust their PPC campaigns to include these information seekers too.

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Through your Google Adwords interface it is very easy to opt-in for showing ads on mobile devices. On the Settings tab, you can choose which campaign you wish to target to your mobile users, you can decide to apply the mobile access settings to all your campaigns at one go too. It is important to consider the following things before targeting mobile users with Google Adwords:

i.Remember that not all mobile browsers display videos. Have text and image ads too.

ii.It is always better to have a separate campaign that targets only the mobile users. This will help you in understanding mobile usage patterns through web analytics and make necessary improvements.

iii.Usability and experience should be defined for a mobile browsing experience. This means that you should redirect your mobile visitors to a mobile version of your website rather than the main website because the scrolling and bigger images/icons will kill their experience on a non

mobile optimized website


iv.Use web analytics tools like Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your mobile targeted campaign.

v.Refine and optimize your experience for different mobile OS, browsers and screen resolutions. For example, if you observe that iPhone users bounce too much, try to simulate the iPhone experience and rectify the errors, if any.

We now know that tablets + Adwords can be a great potential traffic and inquiry channel and you need to stay ahead of the curve to make an early presence felt in your market. Time to move before your competitors get a step ahead.

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Dare To Dream And Work To Win By Tom Barrett

  • Posted on October 24, 2017 at 3:25 am

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  • Quantumlinx

By Ben Sanderson

People have long mulled over being a part of a network marketing business; however, most harbor a skeptical view of the claims made by network marketers. As a matter of fact, often a person relies on the network marketing experiences of an acquaintance he/she knows to reach a decision. These individuals ignore a crucial point that like all other business practices, network marketing calls for a systematic approach. Most marketers who fail to make a splash in the business are those who jump in without a well-planned strategy. This is where Tom Barrett’s “Dare to Dream and Work to Win” will come in handy.

The efficacy of the text can be gauged by the fact that as astounding 300,000 copies of the program have been sold and it has been translated into several languages and all of this without a single penny spent for advertising or marketing the product. Most old hands at internet marketing will concede that “Dare to Dream and Work to Win” is not only Tim Barrett’s finest work but also a veritable industry classic that tackles every aspect of network marketing. The program can serve as a guide for novices who are just making their foray into the world of network marketing and even for those who have already learnt the ropes.

“Dare to Dream and Work to Win” is available as a set of 4 audio CDs that help you to understand the fundamental concept of network marketing and create strategies to build your own network marketing empire. Through the use of simple language and analogies and several examples of actual marketers, Tom Barrett offers the listener a realistic insight into the business and what it takes to generate revenue through it.

The book covers the four core principles that will serve as guiding lights on your way to success: the right approach, consistency, duplication and enough time on your hands. Along with these, you will need the three fuels, your vision, courage and stamina to see you to your goals.

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The author manages to convince even the skeptics that it is possible to make money through network marketing if you follow the correct strategy. The inspiring audio program has generated rave reviews on just about every site and most buyers cannot stop talking about the stupendous impact that it has made on their business. Dr. Barrett has spent several years working with corporate leaders and entrepreneurs and what you get in this program are tips and strategies that have been tried and tested by many.

Dare to Dream and Work to Win will help you to:

* Clarify your expectations and understanding about your business

* Set realistic expectations from your venture.

* Think and live like a visionary entrepreneur

* Effectively create a lucrative downline and more

While the program is specifically aimed at network marketers, it can teach you a lot about the psychology of any business including marketing. The program is teeming with tips, hints and actual strategies that can be used to significantly increase the size of your marketing team and get the results that you always wanted from them.

The book is a must read even if you have a passing interest in network marketing and hope to achieve financial freedom with it someday.

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Dare to Dream and Work to Win


Tom Barrett


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