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What Happens During Eye Exams In Somerville, Ma

  • Posted on April 9, 2018 at 3:07 pm

byAlma Abell

Everyone, both adult and child, needs to get an eye exam in Somerville, MA, periodically. This is usually done once a year, though if you wear glasses or have a degenerative disease, you may be asked to have eye exams twice or more per year. Vision screenings are also necessary, though they should never take the place of a comprehensive exam.

How to Prepare for Exams

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Before the exam, you must call and schedule an appointment. If you have used the same eye doctor before, you may get a reminder about your appointment, but this is not set, so you will still need to call in. When you do, explain to them briefly about any problems you are having, such as blurry vision.

Before the exam, you will also want to list any questions you have. It is important to write these down so you don’t forget them while in the examination room. You will need to tell the doctor which medications you are on, so either gather them up in a plastic baggie or write them down word-for-word to ensure the doctor understands your medications. This is because if you have an eye problem, taking certain medicines may be to blame and it is easier for the doctor to decide how to treat you.


If this is your first time with an eye doctor or it has been a while, you will be asked your vision and medical history. The process will usually take about an hour to complete, though sometimes it is less. You will be shown vision charts and will be expected to read the lines appropriately. The doctor will use specific equipment to test this. Whether you wear glasses or not, you will be told whether you need glasses for the first time or need a different prescription.

The doctor will also test you in other ways, including a cover test, eye movement test, reactions to light, and visual acuity. Other tests that may be performed include the refraction test, slit lamp, retinal examination and glaucoma tests, along with others.

After the Exam

If you have your pupils dilated, you may need to wear special disposable sunglasses if you will be driving. Your doctor will explain how to use these and when they can be removed. You may also have other instructions that should be followed, so pay close attention to your doctor’s advice.

Eye exams in Somerville, MA, are important, so learn more about the procedure to make it easier. Visit General Optical today and learn more or schedule an appointment.