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Article Marketing A Great Way To Drive Free Traffic To Your Website

  • Posted on May 29, 2018 at 1:21 am

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Learning how to use Article Marketing is a great way to build your online business. Article marketing remains one of the surest and cheapest ways to draw your target audience to your website or blog.

It is also a great way to promote a product. The name says it all-you are marketing with articles. And it does not matter whether you are marketing yourself or your business opportunity (indeed you ought to promote both), articles are a great way to attract a lot of attention. Best of all, it is easy to do. As you will soon see. You will if you spare four minutes to read this article.

Here are the steps I follow to create the sort of articles which always pass ezine directories and constantly attract the attention of readers:

The Topic: What is it you want to write about? This is the first question you must answer ever before putting pen to paper, or your fingers to the keyboard. You must not choose your topics arbitrarily. In as much as you should write within topics that you fully understand, it is to your business’ interest to write on topics that are hot; things people want to read about.

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And this is not hard to find out if you regularly visit online forums, search engines, and other peoples’ blogs. Once you pick out things that are hot in the online community, identify which one of these topics will relate to your business opportunity.

The Title: It is often the boldest part of every article-and not without reason. The title of your article must be attractive-it must make someone want to wait a minute. If your article title is not capable of attracting readers, then it does not matter how well you go on to discuss this topic. More than that, your title must clearly describe the purpose of the article, telling the prospective reader what to expect from the article.It follows that the body of your article must also discuss the title so stated.

Remember too that most article directories have rules governing the format of article titles-ezinearticles for example requires that the first letter of every word in the headline be capitalized, but disallows capitalizing the entire topic (compare: How to Write Good Articles and HOW TO WRITE GOOD ARTICLES). These are little details you have to bear in mind.

The Body: Since your articles are for online distribution, it is important that you follow the rules for online articles. First, remember that it is here at the body that you deliver on your promise-you discuss what your title said you would discuss. But in doing that, state the most important points first, keep your sentences and paragraphs short, and use subheadings where necessary.

And if your title promises to give, say 7 tips, ensure that is what you provide in the body. Each tip or main idea should be contained in a separate (but short) paragraph. Do not make the discussion too elaborate. If indeed you have quite a load of info on that TOPIC, no problems; discuss them under DIFFERENT TITLES in a series of DIFFERENT ARTICLES.

The Summary: Here you distill the high point of what the article has discussed into 2 to 5 sentences. If you are lost for words, simply restate the first few words of your first paragraph. The idea is to use this place to point out what the article is all about. Then you are ready to submit. Well, almost.

The resource box: This is where you sell your product or service. You must provide your name and web address here. Also, you are allowed to include a few sentences that tell your readers the most important things they need to know about you and your expertise. Those few words are also meant to encourage the reader to visit your website and sign up for your offer. It is like a call to action.

Next, proofread thoroughly and submit to prime ezine directories. There are many out there, but at the moment,,, and articlebase are among the best. You have no doubt heard that article marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business online. Now you have learned how to leverage this marketing tool to increase your search engine ranking, bring customers to your website, and increase your conversion rate.

As an Online Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted leads to your business is the key to your Online or MLM Success. How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your business daily?

Learning these Marketing Skills will help you build your MLM or Online business. You can visit my blog and website to find out more complete information on Lead Generation Training.

About the Author: Learning these

MLM Marketing Secrets

found in this training can help you Explode your MLM or Online business. Sandra Essex is a TOP Producing Internet Marketer. She enjoys helping new people learn how to Build Their MLM and Online Business by using the internet. One GREAT way to Generate leads for any business is by using Article Marketing. Learn how to Get your Articles on the First Page of Google FAST!!



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Customized Water Bottles Personalized For Logo Promotion

  • Posted on February 8, 2018 at 2:35 am

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By John J. Promotion

Using water bottles personalized with a custom logo does meet the criteria for health related, community oriented or organizational promotions. There is a wide range of water bottle sizes, shapes, materials and logo imprint options available. One that has caught on is the use of BPA free water bottles. This has increased the scrutiny of the chemical make up of the aforementioned promotion item but at this stage more than ninety nine percent of all water bottles offered in 2011 are made from plastic materials that do not contain BPA so again the buyer really does not have to be leery of any latent chemicals. Acrylic water bottles are BPA free and very popular due to the array of colors and wide spectrum of promotional applications. Aluminum water bottles are just by nature free from plastic as well as stainless steel water bottles, both portend a higher perceived value to the recipient as well. So we see that personalized water bottle material type selection is just applicable to the customized logo promotion. Let us explore in further detail and for brevities sake exclusively plastic water bottles as our material medium for a prospective personalized and customized logo water bottles health related as well organizational event promotion.

Logo water bottles which are a phrase synonym for both personalized water bottles, customized water bottles can have multiple functions such as promoting a health related idea of consuming a paced or minimum of amount of water while customizing a sponsored logo promotion. This would entail selecting a proper plastic material type such as a translucent acrylic water bottle customized with a logo on one side and a pre imprinted metered scale on the other side offering the perfect media vehicle for this type of customized water bottles promotion. This can be a highly effective combination as the participants of the health related program or recipients of the item can measure their consumption of water fulfilling the health related aspect all the while viewing the logo of the of the promotion provider. Additionally this type of water bottle offers applications towards community outdoor functions such as sponsored athletic events including marathon runs or awareness promotions. Carrying thirty two ounce large water bottles with the pre imprinted scale offers the runners the immediate ability to see at a glance exactly how much water they have consumed during the event and how much is left at the same time. The provider having distributed personalized water bottles for the customized water bottles promotion can have an immediate use as well as a lasting effect or a value added aspect as they will continue to be utilized long after the event has been completed. So in conclusion we see that health, community or organization promotions can be enhanced with the use of logo water bottles.

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If the reader is interested in finding these types of personalized water bottles available custom imprinted in bulk order they need only visit the customized water bottles website to find just the right logo water bottles for their own personalized water bottle promotion.

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personalized water bottles

and using promotion items such as

customized water bottles

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items specialist.


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