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Cheaper Weight Loss Surgery In Mexico

Cheaper Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico


Michael Dunage

Bariatric surgery, also called weight loss surgery, is a procedure done to make a small stomach pouch so that you aren’t able to eat very much.

You lose weight rather quickly and it is generally a successful procedure. You can have the procedure done in the U.S. or you can have weight loss surgery in Mexico, just a short flight away. The advantages of weight loss surgery in Mexico are that it is considerably cheaper than the same surgery in the U.S. and it is a quality surgery, just like you’d have at home.


There are hospitals that are specifically suited to International patients looking to receive weight loss surgery in Mexico. They are able to charge International patients a fraction of the cost they would be expected to pay within the United States for the same surgical treatment.

Weight loss surgery in Mexico can mean that you have a Lap Band procedure, a Roux-en Y procedure (also called gastric bypass) or a mini weight loss procedure.

Before going to Mexico for your procedure, you need to ask what kind of procedure your doctor does and decide if that’s the kind of procedure you’re interested in having.

There are weight loss surgeries that outweigh the risks of some other procedures, so you need to be clear on what you want for your specific situation.

You can look on the Internet to find the various procedures and what they entail, including success rates and failure rates. When you do so, you can make your decision relatively easily and can then decide where you want to go.

You can decide on weight loss surgery in Mexico because it’s closer than other countries that also do weight loss surgery and sometimes you can drive to the location, rather than take a flight.

Overall, the savings you can expect to receive by traveling for weight loss surgery to Mexico will save you thousands of dollars. The doctors can be prescreened for quality and excellence.

You will at that point, be able to know the exact location for receiving the surgery. Many individuals still are not aware of how much they can save on quality weight loss surgery by making a short trip to a nearby destination.

Yes the doctors and surgeons are highly qualified and board certified and most have received their training in the U.S. before relocating to Mexico. The hopital facilities are top quality and have the same standards as the top hospitals and medical centers in the United States.

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