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Crazy Or Trendy? Try These Ideas With Bathroom Remodelers Bethesda

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byAlma Abell

The word ‘contemporary’ seems to be quite popular, for everyone seems to want a bathroom that is extremely contemporary (or extremely vintage, which is its own type of contemporary). The below ideas can be seen as quite bizarre at first blush. With a second look, ideas that are once seen as bizarre can be seen as brilliant. Explore some of the below concepts to take the idea of ‘contemporary’ to another level.

The Floating Sink


Sinks typically dip below the surface of the bathroom counter. But there is something called a ‘bowl sink.’ The sink floats above the counter. It appears as if it could be picked up and lifted out of the bathroom (for the record, it can’t be). The visual is arresting, and obviously peculiar. It takes a very classic idea and inverts it- quite literally.

Circle Mirrors

Mirrors are often extended and rectangular in the bathroom space. Some are also putting their own unique spin on the classic mirror design. They are using the mirror almost as a ship porthole. The small circular mirror is very odd in design, but it works brilliantly. A lot of space goes unused in the mirror. The only essential part is the center- the face. The circular design works brilliantly. Though the porthole mirror is not conducive to fully framed selfies, its visual splendor is alluring and quaint.


Curtains do not typically belong in the bathroom. Most Bathroom Remodelers Bethesda use either a fogged glass or blinds for some extra visual flavor. Curtains, considered suitable for the living and dining room, actually work elegantly in the bathroom space. Consider adding sprawling curtains across large-sized windows to give some perspective and color balance in the bathroom.

Visit the official website of American Bath Inc to ask about any of these ideas, as well as many more. Schedule an online chat with one of the team members. There are countless ideas for switching the idea of classic contemporary. Something that begins bizarrely usually ends up in at the end of an aisle in the contemporary section of every general home store.