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Submitted by: Michael Francis

With everything from the corporate world to communication shifting onto the Web world, relationships have also sought Internet to be a great platform to meet someone. Initially considered to be the final resort for socially stunted, cyber dating has now emerged from this social stigma and is thought to be the mainstream means to find that special someone by singles.

Nonetheless, movies like You ve Got Mail starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks and many others have also contributed a great deal in this shift of perspectives about online dating. Internet dating is now thought to be an intelligent, effective and practical method of getting in touch with new people for relationships and also marriage.

There are various benefits that an online dating makes available as opposed to traditional form of meeting someone in a party or club in real life. The foremost in this is the selectivity that is made available. That is to say, one can browse through profiles of people and talk to people that share similar interests or anyone that seems to have an impressive profile or simply avert talking to the ones that seem to be boring or dull. This isn t possible when you meet someone in person.


Also, in live social surroundings you are restricted to people who are present around you, no matter if you like talking to them or not, whereas online aspect allows you to access people anywhere in the world that matches your liking and interest. Likewise, fears to get rejected many times make a person nervous.

On the other hand, one does not generally hesitate in saying a simple hello to initiate the conversation with an unknown person. One may also not feel conscious about their outward appearance if not using a web cam as both partners cannot even see each other and so the main point of focus is towards exploring each other s personal traits, rather than to talk about clothing and other such trivial stuff.

Though we have often heard about dangers or safety questions as regard to online dating when in many cases people have been mislead, assaulted and kidnapped when they met through the Internet and these cases are undoubtedly alarming, but these dangers do exist in real life too.

In fact, people who date online usually meet up after a long exchange of ideas in chat rooms, emails and over the phones that eventually prompt them to meet in real life. So, they both already have an idea about each other, which may not be necessary in meeting someone at a party or bar.

Apart from stigmas and dangers, Internet dating is among the best methods that have grown tremendously in the past few years and has immensely changed and even added a new dimension to the world of dating. Hence, there are many things that give cyber dating an upper hand as opposed to other forms of dating and probably this is what has led singles to shift their interest to Internet as one of the viable mediums to find a suitable partner.

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