Getting Proper Instructions With A Motorized Bicycle Kit

By Dominik Hussl

Motor Bicycle Instructions? Who needs them? Well actually, everyone does, especially if this is the first motor you are installing yourself, but even old-timers need them occasionally, particularly when installing a motor you are unfamiliar with.

If you are considering buying or making your own motorized bicycle, it is best to do your homework first, and find a bike shop that specializes in motorized bikes is the best place to take your questions and find the experts who can give you motor bicycle instructions beginning with making sure you have the bicycle motor for your needs, and the best bicycle to fit the motor you require. Do you need an 80cc engine, or will the 49cc engine do? Call us at MoBike and well be happy to help you decide.

Though it is a somewhat sensitive subject to address with our customers, its better to address it now rather than later with pieces scattered about:


Some mechanical aptitude and ability ARE required to install a Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit on your bicycle.

So, youve done your homework. You have purchased either a ready-made motorized bicycle or a do-it-yourself motor engine kit. Either way, you will ultimately be back on your bike which is good for your health, and out of your car which is good for Mother Earth.

A Common nightmare scenario: the instructions you find on the internet dont match the items in the box. Pieces everywhere, but none are of the items in the pictures. When purchasing a kit or a preassembled bike make sure who you are buying from doesnt leave you out in the cold on your ownmake sure they provide you with updated motor bike instructions. For those of you with limited time or mechanical ability who have purchased a ready-made bicycle, currently has great set of motor bicycle assembly instructions complete with pictures that match the one you have in the box–only a click away. This site provide you with expert-tested instructions and support that will take you from opening the box to riding the road with minimal effort in 3 short pages.

With just a little mechanical know-how and aptitude, installing your own engine kit can be a fun and rewarding. The website also provides you with 13 pages of motor bicycle instructions for engine kits complete with pictures and tips, hints, and commentary assembled by our experts who build quality motor bicycles all the time. If you have any questions about the engine kit you purchased if it is purchased from them, they will be happy to help you with whatever they can to get you out of production and on the road on your new gas efficient motorized bicycle. These guys know bicycles, and the motors they recommend will take you where you want to go safely, as long as you use proper care and follow all the laws. If you purchase your bicycle and engine kit from, MoBike of America they offer complete motor bicycle instructions and support for any parts your need.

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