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Hot Wing Business Opportunities Prove To Be A Hot New Trend

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By Candice Clem

Only a decade or two ago, a buffalo wing sounded like a rather odd and anatomically incorrect piece of meat, but those days are long past. Now, the buffalo wing/hot wing is one of the most popular food items in America, spreading across the nation at breakneck speed as more and more people find how much they enjoy eating chicken wings and legs doused in a variety of mouth-scorching sauces. This New York treat has become so popular that entrepreneurs from all corners of the nation are opening franchises that seem to do exceptionally well. If taking a bite of this hot market sounds like just the ticket to your personal business success, take a look at the following list of hot wing business opportunities.

Wings Over

Established in 1998 by two brave entrepreneurs on the campus of the University of Massachusetts, Wings Over has taken a giant leap into the franchising world that has already paid off for everyone involved. Their claim to fame is the seriousness that all employees bring to each franchise business. Franchisors, franchisees, management, and staff are all dedicated to doing everything in their power to bring the best they can to their guests, from the very first visit. And franchisees can take that to the bank, because from day one, the franchisor promises to respond to all questions and concerns as quickly as possible. Wings Over is in it for everyones good.

Wing Zone


If you want to talk about wing quality, Wing Zone is the place to start; even among wing franchises, this 2-time Buffalo Wing Festival award winner has been noted as an exceptional maker of delicious chicken wings and sauces. Their greatness, however, is not limited to the quality of their food; part of what makes them so innovative in the industry is their concentration on take-out/delivery and not in-house dining. At no cost to the amount of business that comes through the doors, this choice cuts down overhead costs immensely, which means a greater profit ratio for the franchise.


Despite its fun in-store dcor and atmosphere, which is composed of 1940s-style aviation memorabilia and old plane parts, Wingstop is a serious franchise opportunity. At the very beginning, new franchise owners go through a 3-week intensive training, along with their general managers, to learn how to run a wing business the right way. Then, to show what theyve learned, franchisees and managers are given the opportunity to operate a mock-up Wingstop restaurant at the end of training. Its an original and very beneficial exercise for everyone involved, only proving again why this business has exploded to 450 restaurants in only 14 years and continues to grow at a rate of 30% each year.

Buffalo Wings & Rings

With 20 years of business under their belt, this business is one of the oldest wing restaurants available, which, if nothing else, should tell you that they have a powerful and long-lasting business model that you can trust. In line with that strong business model, they also have a very strong training system that the franchisor provides. After which, the franchisor also takes care of initial employee needs that his franchisees have, providing each with enough staff to run on for the first 3 weeks of business. This affords the franchisee time to amass his own staff without having to settle for sub-par employees. And with more of a menu than mere wings, the appeal to the public is wider than many wing restaurants.

Wingers Grill & Bar

The name implies a focus on hot wings, and while that menu item is a cherished one, Wingers Grill & Bar is more of a full diner than a wing shop, with a menu that covers a wider variety of foods and a restaurant design that includes a full-service bar. Part of the Slaymaker Group, owner of Tony Romas and T.G.I. Fridays, Wingers Grill & Bar is held by a company that excels in making and sustaining restaurants that have good public appeal and a lasting business system. Specifically, the small size and relatively small menu make this a far more cost-effective restaurant than most, something that any business owner will appreciate.

The variety of food franchises available is extraordinary these days, seemingly endless, and wings are one corner of it that seems to be taking root for the long haul. If you like the food, like the industry, and have a knack for hospitality, seriously consider getting in on the wing trend while theres still room.

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