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By Jennifer Akre

Traditional kitchen tables have always been at the center of all family activities and were considered the heart of home dcor for generations. Today, however, furniture is undergoing a transformation just like the home and the workplace. Lavish kitchen tables that can accompany large gatherings used to be the standard in most homes but now they may not be appropriate for a society that is always on the go. Fewer and fewer of us can truly sit down to a good meal every night and eat together as a family. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to have grand dining room tables that can seat large numbers of people.

Just as we are asked to multi-task, so too must our furnishings be able to adapt to multiple functions. In addition to this added functionality, modern kitchen tables must be able to adapt to the changing dcor of contemporary homes. It is no longer a given that homeowners will need or even want the traditional kitchen table made from wood and accentuated with matching chairs. Nowadays, many homes are fashioned in the contemporary style with clean lines and modern materials meaning that the tables must complement the tastes in design.

The Oregano dining table is perfect for the contemporary or casual home and lifestyle. Featuring a metal frame with curved legs bound by a triple ring center support, this kitchen table is right at home in contemporary settings. It is large enough to accommodate formal dining while small enough to use outdoors or for other purposes.


However, some of us still like the more traditional tables fashioned from wood but dont want a piece of furniture that will require a moving crew if you should want to use it in another room. Therefore, with a 40 diameter and crafted from quality hardwoods, the Dominique is a perfect compromise between the traditional aesthetics and modern functionality.

Without question, contemporary kitchen tables are undergoing a transformation in both design and function. While many homeowners are repurposing the traditional dining room and using it as a home office or spare bedroom, this has forced the kitchen table back into the cooking area. Thus, tables must be smaller and easy to relocate if necessary. Online retailers have a large selection of beautiful kitchen tables at great prices that can accommodate the needs of the modern home while still providing the perfect setting for a well-deserved and seemingly rare family meal!

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