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Making Candles So Perfect They Can Be Sold For Profit

By Criss White

Today, candle making has become very popular in terms of manufacturing and selling because people have become very creative in their ideas to fashion unique types and varieties of candles. Candles are now being made from paraffin wax, gels, and other natural waxes. By using the very latest pouring techniques, creative combinations, stylishly designed molds, and artistically decorated products, candle makers have now started producing exquisite candles which are sold at a very reasonable rate that cannot be found in a mass merchant store.

Here are the basics for candle making to design candles that can be sold for profit for wholesalers as well as homemade candle manufacturers.

Raw materials used to make candles


Earlier candle making process used to be very simple, but today more and more people are choosing to use innovatively designed candles. Hence there has been an urgent demand for candle manufacturers to start thinking creatively in order to give every candle a unique look as opposed to the common one’s currently available in the market.

Natural waxes are being preferred more than the usually used paraffin waxes in candle preparation. Hence it would be advisable to use some of these natural waxes that are available in the market in the form of palm wax, beeswax, soy wax or vegetable blended waxes. Natural waxes also help in making different one of a kind design like feather design, quartz look, and a granite look.

Candles can also be sold in large varieties in the form of translucent and multilayered designs. Using whipped wax can also be beneficial as they are very popular to use in cakes. Palm wax proves to be very useful in making candles that burn very well. Depending on your knowledge about it, one can also choose blended or non blended wax.

Another important point to be very careful about will be the choice of a proper wick, as a proper wick will determine how long and how well the candle will burn. These wicks come in the form of either RRD (Round wicks), HTP wicks, LX and CD wicks. While choosing the correct wick, make an informed decision about it, based on the type of wax, the amount of scent, the color of the candle, and the size of the candle.

Use of latest molds to generate unique designs

The candle markets are now being flooded with containers and jar candles because these types of candles are very easy to make, therefore every candle maker is faced with the challenge of creating unique designs to sell their candles. One way of achieving this goal would be to fashion them in the form of stylish freestanding or pillar candles using a variety of different mold designs like aluminum molds, polyurethane molds and polycarbonate molds.

Presentation constitutes a very important part of selling

The way you present the candles and make them look more attractive will definitely increase the value and demand of your candles. Using them on a flower stand, or positioning them in huge or small water jars in the form of floating candles, or utilizing transparent jars for multi-layered candles would be some of a few creative ways to display your candle collection to increase their sale.

If all these points are given complete attention to, then your candles will be perfect selling machines.

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