See Clearly Without Glasses Or Surgery}

See Clearly Without Glasses or Surgery



Bill Jefferson

Do you have symptoms of eyestrain and headaches? Do you stare at a laptop or computer a significant part of the day? Do you wear eyeglasses or contacts? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, I would have guessed the other two. These three problems are inextricably connected along with the eyestrain and stress that come from wearing eyeglasses only makes the situation worse.

You have most likely seen pictures of the eyeballs of folks with bad vision. The eyeball is either too long or too short depending on whether or not the individual is nearsighted or farsighted. This causes the eye to focus the incoming images either in front of or in back of the retina. When an out of round eyeball focuses the image incorrectly, the ultimate result is blurred eyesight.What will cause the eyeball to be out of round in the first place? The eye is controlled by the muscular tissues attached to the eye. These muscle tissues move the eye side to side and up and down. By relaxing and contracting they also adjust the shape of the eyeball so it can focus on everything either near or far away. When we stare too long at something very close like a computer screen, the muscles around the eyes suffer from strain and stress builds.There may be also stress in the neck and shoulders. You feel tight. You may possibly suffer the pain of headaches. The stress builds and one of the results is tension in the muscular tissues around your eyes which leads to poor vision.How do eye doctors treat the problem? They prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses. Your glasses or contacts transform the focus of the incoming pictures but do absolutely nothing to solve the problem of tension inside the eye muscle tissues that brings about poor eyesight. Like many branches of medicine right now, they treat the symptom but not the cause. In fact, glasses or contact lenses will actually exacerbate the problem by forcing your eyes to focus incorrectly to make up for the glasses!There is a natural method to solve the underlying problems of weak eyesight and improve your eyesight naturally and without glasses. It involves relaxing the muscular tissues close by the eyes so they are able to focus the way nature designed them, without being dependent on prescription glasses. There are special relaxation techniques that you’ll be able to practice to rid yourself of the tension all-around your eyes and let your eyes to focus they way they should.

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See Clearly Without Glasses or Surgery}