The Desire For Convenience And Speed

Submitted by: Greg Ellis

The majority of today s consumers place a high priority on the things that are easily and readily available as they are desired. The human mindset can sometimes be extremely erratic with many taking the notion that if it s not easily available now, I don t want it . With the various technological advancements that have occurred to date, this can be viewed as a fair claim. These recent developments are now expected as they are so readily available to almost everyone.

This notion is reflected in almost every facet of today s society. Convenience food outlets flourish on this point and generate a substantial amount of their income from providing their products quickly and easily. For example, dial up internet is now seen by many as a dated and redundant resource. Society is continually seeking faster internet access, therefore broadband has become the dominant connection used. People want fast service, fast communication, fast answers, fast transport and fast technology. The desire for things where and when we want them is no different from the cash advance industry.


Society s needs and desires haven incorporated into some cash advance and loan companies business plans. Sourcing and obtaining a loan has been made as fast as possible which in turn allows society to quickly and conveniently meet their immediate needs. Online Australian cash advance providers are now readily available with some loan providers enabling their clients to receive quick cash within sixty minutes of signing their online digital contract.

However, some may ask why doesn t the individual just wait until the next time they are paid?

As many of us know, some things in our life just cannot wait. Life is full of unexpected occurrences that may be to either our detriment or benefit. Unexpected medical bills or emergency car repairs can occur at any time and a payday loan can be seen as an ideal and convenient cash fix. But cash advances are not solely designed to use for bills and expenses. Cash advances can also be applied and used in many positive situations such as a luxury item, a weekend away or a night out with friends.

There may be the latest electronic device that you ve had your eye on for the last month but you just don t have the money for it right now. Saving up for the item would mean waiting another two weeks until you receive your next pay. Some view that to have a desired item now, the value of the interest paid far out ways having $100 savings in the near future.

When it comes down to it, the individual needs to think carefully through the consequences of each scenario. If you ve been waiting and saving for an item for the last four months, can you afford to repay the interest on a loan so that you can have the item now? Or would it be better for you to wait until you have saved enough money to buy the item outright? This is something only the individual can judge after carefully considering their circumstances.

About the Author: Greg Ellis co-founded Cash Doctors, Australia s largest online payday lender. New clients have cash within 60 minutes and members are paid in seconds. The founders understand their clients needs intimately, having needed a source of fast, convenient credit in years gone by.


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