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Wearing Liposuction Compression Garment After Liposuction Surgery

By Rena Graham

Are you aware that you would require a certain type of apparel after surgical procedure to recover faster with more desirable outcomes? In virtually any liposuction clinic, surgeons would suggest that you put on compression garments to help your body mend with better curves and a more toned physical structure.

In liposuction, the fatty tissues that are sucked out of a certain problem area results in an extra space under your skin, if left just as it is, you’d wind up like a pile of baggy skin. This is precisely where compression garments enter the picture. They help force into space the loose skin to help it adhere to the new form of your body.

Compression garments also encourage a speedy healing for the reason that it helps decrease swelling. The first 24 hours following surgical treatment is when serum loss and lymphatic discharge takes place, which then permeates into the empty spaces within your tissues. This triggers the swelling, and by donning a compression garment, the swelling is scaled down or avoided.

The restricted range of motion that you encounter after surgical operation also leads you to form swollen areas, which is why pressure delivered by compression garments is vital.


Why do we seriously have to reduce the chances of swelling when it will simply subside on its own in a few weeks? If you just leave it be, you prolong healing risking yourself to bruising and complications.

You need to continue using them for a several weeks to months depending on your doctor’s recommendations. Usually they would suggest you to continue using it 24 hours a day, on a daily basis for a particular number of months until you are fully recovered.

You don’t need to stress on whether or not it may be cumbersome or uneasy, because these apparel are made of light and elastic fabric. As soon as you wear them, it will simply seem like a secondary skin or a well-fitted undergarment, and you can use them beneath any outfit.

There is also a selection of compression garments for various body parts. There is a chin, face and neck band, arm sleeves, mid body compression, compression stockings (knee high or thigh high) and a full body compression garment.

A multitude of brands are currently available in the market for you to select, with some companies even categorizing their apparel matching to the stage of recuperation. They fashion it that tighter ones are for the early stage of recovery, to camisoles and girdles as you approach recovery.

Compression apparel is more appropriately regarded as underwear rather than attire. That is why in the course of the early phases of recovery, you might want to wear some sweatpants or sweatshirts, because they could be most convenient. You wouldn’t want to add more tension over the compression garment you wear underneath.

Close-fitting clothing might also put unnecessary strain to throbbing treated regions, and can only prolong healing and might influence the result of the surgery.

If you received an abdominal liposuction, you might have to wear jeans that have gartered waistlines.

It is also recommended to wear button-down clothes rather than t-shirts or those that have to be secured at the back. The extending and straining could injure the healing area or disturb your recovering wound.

For this crucial time of enhancing the shape of your body, you just have to be patient and consistently put on your compression garments. Or customize your fashion statement to become more comfy and safe during the healing process. These will considerably help attain better end result of your liposuction surgery.

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