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When Should You Fire Your Realtor?

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When Should You Fire Your Realtor?


Lori Fischer

I have worked with a few clients over the years who had fired their Realtor or were thinking about it when they called me. Their house was getting next to no traffic and they were frustrated. No one ever expects that their house won\’t sell when they list it with their Realtor but a smart Realtor can tell you exactly which one of their listings are in for a long, drawn out sales cycle full of low offers. How do they know? It\’s actually really easy. It\’s the sellers that don\’t listen to their selling advice or who don\’t want to hire a Stager because they think it\’s too expensive.

Guess what? Your Realtor isn\’t the key to selling your house, you are.

More specifically, your strategic effort. Wait, what? Yup, not unlike so many other things in life, if you want real estate success, you need to put in some effort and that effort should be focused. This happened with all of my clients who struggled on the market. We put into place a strategic Staging plan and they got immediate results. So, rather than firing your Realtor, here are 6 things that you can do to be a smarter seller:

Analyze Your Situation


This is the hardest step for most sellers. You have to disconnect yourself from your house in order to really hear what your Realtor tells you about the market conditions and the state of your house compared to your competitors. You should, literally hang on to every word that Realtor tells you even if they tell you that you should hire a Stager. Why? Because they only make money when you sell. Think about that. They carry the costs of advertising and marketing your house until you settle. They know the competitive landscape better than you do too so they know what you are up against. So, you really have two choices. Listen to your Realtor or Stager and sell faster or drag it out, keep your selling process stressful, blame the neighborhood, the style of the house, the Realtor and then, fire them. Rinse, repeat. I believe that selling and moving can be fun, inspiring and transformational when you know what to do.

Set a Realistic Deadline

Deadlines are so important to anything we do in life. It gives us an endpoint which we humans need. Your deadline will be the day that you schedule your listing photos to be taken. But, remember, things usually take a little longer than you think. So, firgure out when you want your deadline to be and add a week to it. That is the date that you will schedule your photos for. Now work your butt off to make it to the finish line with a beautifully staged house!

Create A Plan

Have you ever taken on a large project at work or home and just gone about it completely willy-nilly? Most of us even keep lists (ie a plan) to accomplish our daily errands. Don\’t you get more done on those days? Getting ready to sell is no different. Your best bet is to go through your house, outside and in and make a big \”to-do\” list and then prioritize what will take the most amount of time or will require bringing someone in to help. Start working on those immediately and then move on to the smaller tasks.

Decide What To Delegate and What To Do Yourself

Don\’t try doing it yourself if you don\’t know the difference between a hammer and a wrench. It is always better to bring in a professional when you are planning to sell if DIY is not on your list of talents. You will have a home inspection at some point and a home inspector worth their weight in gold can uncover many a shotty job. You will save money and time in the long run hiring a professional.

Set Micro-goals

Micro-goals are HUGE! To keep yourself moving in the right direction even when life is busy, you have to set small, achievable goals for yourself. Even if that means you are just cleaning out a linen closet, go for it. Setting micro-goals for yourself each week will help you feel accomplished and keep you motivated.

Reward Yourself

Have a guilty pleasure? Schedule it in when you have accomplished a few micro-goals or one of your bigger goals. The best reward of all is that you took action and gave yourself the very best chance possible to sell your house. Now, if you have done all of that, and your house still isn\’t getting traffic–then you can think about finding a new Realtor.

Lori Fischer is a Stager at Rethink Home Interiors based in the Philadelphia suburbs. She has helped so many home sellers sell superfast in Southeastern PA but she\’d love to help you get a quick offer on your house not matter where you live. She has tons o\’ tips, ideas, and inspiration that help sell your house fast at

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