Laying The Foundation For A Flawless Perfect Youthful Complexion

By Declan Tobin

Foundation is the most important product women will have in her hand bag. The choice are limitless form creams to lotions, concealers tinted creams, to light air foams and powders. The traditional foundations were thick bulky greasy, streaky visible caked on face masks that made women look like Betty Davis’s character in Baby Jane. A good foundation will be colourless and flawless. The best foundations will even out skin tone cover up blemishes and age spots and give an even tone to the face.

The best foundations will be unnoticeable and should be applied easily and quickly and shouldn’t cost the earth. Generally a foundation is better in liquid or foam form as powders won’t cover blemishes as easily. The proper way to apply a liquid foundation is with a sponge or brush as opposed to the finger tips which can smudge or leave uneven coverage. Generally make up foundations in liquid of cream form come with a sponge for application. The sponge should be changed frequently for better application and germ free application.

The disadvantage of sponge application as opposed to finger application is thee sponge soaks up al lot of make up. For blemish free skin a non- comedogenic (non- pore blocking) foundation will help skin to breath. Vitamin E tinted moisturizers will help to sooth tired dry skin with a light application for make -up free days. Make-up should be blended into the skin over the forehead across the face and down the jaw line and down to the neck wile looking invisible.


For power application it is important to choose the correct brush that won’t shed, it is important to shake access powder and apply liberally and gently before mascara and lipstick application to avoid powder on the eyes and mouth. The brand names of make -up are Mac, Elizabeth Arden, Clinique, Revlon, L’Oreal, Cover Girl and Rimmel. The trick is to find the best foundation for your skin type and combination. For red heads or Asian or Afro Caribbean skin the process can be difficult.

For red heads and far skinned women the red undertones in the skin can be difficult to cover along with freckles. Mac make-up have a rang e of make-up for an all skin types with and average price tag of $40. An oil free perfume free with an SPF of 6 foundations is a good choice for hydrating and protecting the skin from sun damage and even out tone and fine lines. Revlon make a colour stay foundation for 14hr protection and coverage for all skin types with an SPF 7. For clear skin application Rimmel’s lasting Mineral Powder

Foundation is a streak free powder foundation is light airy and feels like a second skin. Bobby Brown foundation stick is handy carry make-up for blemish breakouts for girl on the go. Clinique have a range of famously known foundations for mature and adolescent skin, the even blend light make-up is perfect for all skin types as it hydrates and smoothes dry skin. Cover Girl make-up famously advertised by Tyra Banks America’s Next Top Model T.V show, have mineral application for a smooth, light, airy, non- comedogenic oil free formulas for pale, dark and Asian skin.

Lauren Mercier offers flawless ligh smooth coverage in powder form. Vichy make water based foundations for sensitive skin types as does Almay with hypoallergenic properties for an irritation free application. The kind f makeup-up you choose will depend on the kind of skin you have a level of sensitivity and the tone and texture and the clarity of your skin. Natural based products with mineral extracts and vitamin E are a good choice for most skin types. A trial and error application will determine the best type of foundation for your particular skin type.

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