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Precious Gold, Precious Life

By Karen Simpson

I was just like anybody else who is young and who got less to be always startled whenever people display gold jewelries embossed with glittering stones. I my childhood I thought that those really cost a fortune. I look at them with real envy that I could hardly take my eyes off them in amazement. Little did I know there are still better possessions than gold earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles and even rings.

These are valued possessions, no doubt, and owning jewelries means having invested in something of real value. I was not aware then that my grandmothers gold coins and those small golden cubes are more valuable than those that glitter with diamond stones.

Wonder why I said this? I came to know that her antique gold coins and small bars of gold which she kept and always checked while I watched since time I can hardly remember are more precious than her dangling earrings and necklaces. That was when my grandfather got sick and needed so much money to pay for the doctors, medicines and hospital bills.


We entered a store offering the highest cash for gold to sell some of her gold possessions. She brought along her small box laden with pieces of jewelries she had acquired and kept for so long. I saw the big mans reaction as he looked and examined the items handed to him by my grandma. I heard him asked her as to the source of the gold coins which he said were very rare and cost so much because they are collectors items and demand therefore is very high. Antique dealers and enthusiasts are eager to buy such valuable coins, for a price! At my young age then, grandmas gesture lingered in my heart that I grew up to believe that to save a loved ones life one must sell gold.

Now I realize that one should be very careful when selling their gold and other jewelries. Selling gold should be done with care as some people may take advantage of the other persons need. One must be aware of what he owns and the current market price when selling them to at least get the best in exchange for his valued treasures.

There are traders who buy gold and they differ in evaluation and appraisal methods so a person must be very careful. He should select buyers who would really consider the craftsmanship and the uniqueness of the item being sold. The owner should know the value of what he owns and should know how much it should be worth that he can be sure he wont be taken advantage of by the other party.

One should also know where he can get the best value for his gold and the store that offers the highest price for gold so that he will not feel so much of his loss.

Now, at my age, I still look at those sparkling gems hanging on the ears, arms and fingers of prominent ladies. I know fully well that gold is more valuable when sold to save loved ones life.

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