Taiwan breaks bicycle parade world record

Saturday, July 21, 2007

In Taiwan, more than 2,000 people participated in the “Ten Thousand People for BIKE” bicycle parade challenge, organized by Volvic Taiwan and Body Marketing Co., Ltd. to break the previous “Largest Parade of Bicycles” record, which was set at 641 bicycles during a 2006 record attempt in Netherlands.

VIPs invited by the organizers included the current Chinese Nationalist Party legislator Chih-hsiung Huang, the Director of the Department of Public Sports of Sports Affairs Council, Executive Yuan (R.O.C., Taiwan) Tai-lin Peng, and Guinness World Records referee Stuart Claxton. They witnessed the new record, and Deputy Commissioner of Sports Affairs Council, Executive Yuan (R.O.C., Taiwan) Hwang-lang Tsai led out for the starting of this event.

The record-breaking parade crossed five riverside parks (Dajia Section, Yingfeng Section, Guanshan Section, Rainbow Section, and Meiti Section) over an estimated 13.7 kilometres (3.2 km to set the new record, and 10.5 km for free riding).

The previous record was broken when the 642nd rider passed the recording gate near 8:47 a.m.. A 36-year-old engineer from Taoyuan County named Fang-tien Lin was the 642nd lucky rider. In the end, this event created a new record with 1901 riders riding in a great bicycle parade within 1 hour and 8 minutes.

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